Dante's Nine Circles Of Sins In The Divine Comedy

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Every day millions of people sin. In the Divine Comedy Dante travels through nine circles of Hell, observing punishments caused by different sins. The more severe the sin that is committed, the more severe the punishment is endured. Throughout history famous figures, people in literature, and current celebrities, have committed these nine different types of sin. I will be placing these wrong doers in the different circles of Hell discussed in the story.
Circle zero, otherwise known as Vestibule, is not considered a circle of Hell. This part contains the people that took no side, good or bad. The neutrals were indifferent and chose to live life for nothing. A good example of someone to be put in Vestibule is Joe Paterno, former coach for the
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Circle five in placed in the middle of the circles because usually people who are wrathful commit even more severe sins. An entire group of people belongs in the sixth circle and even more fall a little deeper in Hell. Members of Al Qaeda terrorist’s organization have been taught at a very young age to hate Americans. The terrorists sacrifice their own body and family members bodies just to kill Americans, because they hate them so much. The terrorists have nothing but hate in their hearts, that’s why they belong in Circle …show more content…
The people in this circle are violent either to others, themselves, or the Lord. During the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting Adam Lanza shot and killed twenty kids and six adults. This is definitely an act of violence, and in my opinion he belongs in the lowest circle of hell for what he did. Since people in this circle take a life in their hands, the punishment is that their fate is put into someone else’s hand. Fraudulence, the second to last circle, contains people that have lived a life of one or many of the 10 evil ditches. The sinners have committed serious acts of lying, thievery, or robbery. Circle 8 is placed where it is because the sinners have committed acts against humanity, like Swiper from Dora the explorer. Swiper is known for taking anything and everything that is not his. Even when Dora says,”Swiper no Swiping’” he still continues to steal. He has stole and committed serious crimes to Dora, so he deserves to be in the Eighth Circle of

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