Stereotypes In Cartoon Analysis

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Most animated characters that are directed toward children tend to be very simple in design, they often offer colorful images that will easily grab the attention of the young adolescents that are watching the program. Cartoons are very influential to children because often characters are not identifiable as any race so it is easy for multiple kids to relate to them. However, some cartoon characters do have a race and it is sad to say that the entirety of their character is described by the race or ethnicity that they are representing. Due to the limited amount of cartoon characters with identifiable race, the characters that do have race are heavily influential to the children who are watching the program, and can easily influence the views …show more content…
It was not until shows such as Maya & Miguel, Dora The Explorer, and Go Diego Go, where Latino characters were able to be portrayed in cartoons as main characters and were not limited to different stereotypes and tropes about the Latino Cultures, rather they were able to solve problems on their own or with their multicultural peers, and educate children on the culture. The creation of these characters was very important for the Latino community, as it created characters that were not portrayed as unintelligent and characters that did not make being Latino seem like something negative. These characters give children characters that they can both identify with, and strive to be like, because these characters are positive role models for the children who are watching this programming. The negative images and lack of images of Latino children inn cartoons not only has a negative effect on Latino children but it creates prejudice among non-Latino children, whose only ideology of what a Latino is are what they see on the television, which why having Latino characters who are good role models can also help fight prejudices from growing in the minds of

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