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  • A Discourse Community Analysis Of A Duck Hunting Club

    A Fowl Obsession: A Discourse Community Analysis of a Duck Hunting Club Some may consider duck hunting a hobby and some consider it a lifestyle. Many duck hunting clubs see that only two things going on in a year, that’s duck season and the time leading up till duck season. This is an exaggeration in some cases, however if the case of my duck hunting club know, as Fowl Play Duck Club we take duck hunting seriously. There are three generations of hunters in this club. The ole’ boys’ hunters…

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  • Mel Blanc's Influence On Film

    their personalities shined through. In Mel Blanc: The Man of a Thousand Voices, 2008 voice actor, Hank Azaria (The Simpsons) stated that Mel’s most genius performances was in Rabbit Fire, when Daffy and Bugs are fighting over whether it’s rabbit or duck season and Daffy comes out dressed as and imitating the voice of Bugs. Bugs also comes out dressed as Daffy imitating his voice and yet they still sound like themselves…

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  • Prospect Impressions: Case Study

    Plenty more highlights including a fun look at Dan Girardi 's pirate impression, and one SHL goalie who likes to have some fun post-game. Would you be surprised to know that Rickard Rakell currently sits fourth in team- scoring for the Anaheim Ducks?…

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  • A Brief Summary Of David Shannon's Books

    David Shannon has always been an amazing writing and has been writing children’s books for many years. David Shannon has well over 20 books and each of them have their own uniqueness. Shannon is an amazing writer and illustrator. He knows how to draw a reader in and make them want to read the whole book. All of his books range from short books with one or two words on the page to many paragraphs throughout the pages. David knows how to suck the reader in and want to read all of his books. He…

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  • Tom Robbins Trickster

    Desire and Mischief Tom Robbins once said, “The trickster's function is to break taboos, create mischief, [and] stir things up. In the end, the trickster gives people what they really want, some sort of freedom.” Tricksters exist in all types of literature. They take part in poems, books, short stories, and even cartoons and movies. One piece of literature that contains examples of tricksters would be the short story, Tselane and the Giant. This story is a great example because it contains more…

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  • Donald Trump Thesis

    Cody Hayes-Tyler English 1301 Mr. Hale 11/18/16 Donald Trump When friends of mine who are trump supporters inform me that they support him, I understand the reasons they picture him as our future president of the united states. Donald Trump has never been an elected official. He has never held elected office of any kind. He’s never had to broker political compromise, give political speeches or pour over political briefing notes. So why on earth, with no experience in politics, would people…

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  • Why People Need To Be Selfish

    Many people believe one needs to be selfish in order survive the obstacles life gives. However, a closer look into people’s decisions shows that not all acts of survival are selfish. Survival does not require selfishness because it is not selfish to protect oneself and at times it can mean making a life or death decision. Ensuring one’s survival is never a selfish act. Ronald DiFrancesco was one of the many inside the world trade center when it collapsed. All around him he saw people giving up,…

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  • Ben Carson Debate Analysis

    definitely winners and losers. I thought I’d share my thoughts on how each candidate performed. Donald Trump – Leading up to the debate, I was enjoying the mass butthurt delivered by the Trump train. The current state of affairs, in US politics is abysmal, and it was nice seeing someone rustle the feathers of those on the left and right. However, at this point and after last night, I’m finding Donald downright depressing. His lines have grown stale, as have his non-existent policies and poor…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized

    Marijuana is a naturally occurring plant and is still illegal medicinally in twenty-five states, and recreationally in forty-six states. However, a substance that has commonly been known to cause numerous health issues is legal to consume in all fifty states. Alcohol has now been legal for nearly eighty-four consecutive years, following the twenty-first amendment to the United States Constitution. Following the 2016 election, I find myself questioning the direction our country will go with…

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  • Informative Speech: Donald Trump

    For our informative speech, we were assigned a Republican candidate. I received Donald Trump. We were to present the person in an unbiased manner that would be free from persuasion. When researching and presenting, I focused on more than just his political stance because Trump is a celebrity, rather than a politician, or businessperson like the other candidates (albeit him also being a businessperson). I discussed his early life, his personal life, his career as a businessman and writer, as well…

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