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  • Reconstruction Era Racism

    Today racism is still an immense issue and although it has made leaps and bounds progress since the Reconstruction-Era there are still many issues in the political system dealing with racism. One thing that has not changed much since the Reconstruction-Era is that many whites feel they are superior over blacks and they try to limit their rights. For example, in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn even though Pap is just a drunken troubled man he believes that a black man should not have the right…

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  • David Brooks Dignity And Sadness In The Working Class

    one commenter claimed “Trump's entire business, personal and moral history is a travesty of lies and deceit, and contempt for all that is good in America” (Cowboy Bob). This specific quote stood out because most of the people who commented about Donald Trump took a similar approach as commenter, Cowboy Bob. They stated how Trump being president will not benefit the working class and they also brought up derogatory names, such as him being racist and a liar. Commenter (RMC) also had something…

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  • Best Irreguration In History: John F. Kennedy

    Have you ever wondered who has the inauguration in history?The best inauguration speech in history to me was John F. Kennedy´s. President Kennedy gave the best inauguration speech in history. One reason this was the best inauguration speech is because he speaks the truth. Not a lot of people like people who tell the truth they would rather have a liar in office than someone who speaks the truth. People don't want someone in office that will tell the truth because they want to stay out of…

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  • Exemplification Essay: Donald Trump In The Political World

    Striving to be noticed in the political world Donald Trump is becoming more and more famous because of the remarks he has made about different issues. For many years, Trump has been helping with charity, selling merchandise, and the responsibility he takes on himself. Everybody knows Trump by his remarks he says as a republican candidate. Trumps background has been reviewed and what you see is what you get. Granted that Trumps attributes are negative, but notice other candidate attribution…

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  • Negative Advertising In Political Campaigns

    There are many examples of negative advertising taking place in the current election itself. Did you know that, Hillary Clinton was present at Donald Trump’s wedding. Trump had even praised her as an excellent Secretary of State, but once they were running against each other, they became bitter rivals. Donald Trump was suddenly claiming Hillary Clinton as the absolute worst Secretary of State to date! Yet, this has become a practiced tradition, even Thomas Jefferson’s presidency…

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  • Persuasive Essay On The Next President

    side claiming that the candidate they support will be the next president. So, let us ignore what the people are saying and look at the facts and what these candidates actually stand for. We will start scrutinizing Donald Trump first and take a hard serious look at him. First off is Donald Trump, he is the current republican nominee for president, this man has single handedly come in and secured the nomination against all odds. He has had much controversy surrounding him due to his policies and…

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  • Anti Trump Protest Research Paper

    protesting about his views on immigration, women's rights, education and racial equality. What can be effective for protest and examples of these. Then go personal story: On November 9th I woke up at 3:30 am because I had a bad dream that Donald Trump was elected President. I looked over to see the time on my phone and saw 4 notifications from…

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  • Planned Parenthood Annotated Bibliography

    Who We Are. (2014). Retrieved September 30, 2015, from Shrestha, L., & Heisler, E. (2011, March 31). The Changing Demographic Profile of the United States. Retrieved September 30, 2015, from Levy, G. (2015, September 15). Defunding Planned Parenthood: A Moral Issue, not a Legal One. Retrieved September 30, 2015, from…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Non-Vote Presidential Election

    My non-vote Presidential Election Being the first year that I can actually vote I was quite disappointed in the candidates that were chosen to be elected for the presidential role. During their speeches I heard many errors in the debates they were conversing about, found nothing interesting in the topics either contender chose to talk about and I slowly became impassive. I personally felt like Trump was only running for the presidential election because his dislike towards Barack Obama. Now…

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  • In What Way Does The Media Influence The Majority Of People

    press to get farther into what they are trying to complete. The press is majorly against Donald Trump. The media can take what Trump says and twist it in a way it will portray him as they want. In doing so, a large portion of voters despise Donald Trump. With more people disliking Mr. Trump, it makes it easier for Hillary Clinton to pull ahead in the presidential race. In addition to twisting what Donald Trump says, the media can, and has, twisted what Mrs. Clinton has said. The press has…

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