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  • Apollo 1 Failure

    On Wednesday, November 30th, Richard Hagar discussed his time as an engineer for the NASA Apollo projects. During NASA’S heyday, Mr. Hagar moved to Florida to work at the Kennedy Space center. As a spacecraft operator, he had an important role in developing, repairing, and modifying each of the Apollo missions. Throughout his endeavors, Mr. Hagar has seen Apollo 1’s failure, helped NASA problem solve through issues,, and helped rescue the astronauts on the Apollo 13 mission. Though the highly…

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  • The Dangers Of The Space Shuttle Challenger

    numerous emergency signals from the instrument panel of the spacecraft. Sadly, all on board died in the disastrous explosion (Bolman & Deal, 2008). Many years earlier, the space shuttle Challenger experienced the same outcome (Bolman & Deal, 2008). Unlike the space shuttle Columbia, the space shuttle Challenger was ascending into space with a high school teacher as part of the shuttle’s crew (Bolman & Deal, 2008). After a short lift off, there was an enormous explosion witnessed by many…

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  • Case Study: The Challenger Launch

    whenever an astronaut goes into space, they are subject to the unknown risks that space holds; like the Challenger accident made evident, space flight is not a routine practice. That theory could not be comparable to an astronaut embarking into space with the full knowledge of a pre-existing and very real mechanical issue that could be potentially fatal to the entire crew. In the case of the Challenger launch, there has been overwhelming evidence that the crew of astronauts were completely and…

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  • Functions Of The Space Shuttle

    launch will still be high. One of NASA’s requirements is to cut down cost due to the budget cuts in 1970s (“Challenger…”). The…

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  • Space Shuttle Research Paper

    We as humans have been obliged to adapt to our surroundings. Throughout the course of history, any changes in the atmosphere or on Earth in general have forced us to adapt and transform to withstand certain conditions. Whether it is naturally within our bodies or by the harsh climate causing humans to adapt, survival is necessary in life as we know it. Starting in the 1950’s, scientists, astronauts and aerospace engineers now had to consider adapting to the conditions of space. From a great…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Space Privatization

    source of entertainment. Live Have Been Lost. There have been multiply live lost while in or on many space missions. In 2014 alone 18 astronauts died, thats a lot for just one year. Fatal accidents happen often in this field of work like the 1986 Challenger space shuttle. Howell noted “73 seconds into lift off the shuttle exploded killing all 7 members on board. After this day the Challenger’s nickname changed from NASA 's greatest triumphs to their darkest tragedy” (par 1). According to…

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  • Feminist Art In The 1980's

    not get released until 270 days after the U.S.Government had left. On June 18, 1983, Sally Ride became known as the first woman to launch into space. One year later, Sally decided to focus more on her training instead of going into space. The next challenger mission that was…

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  • Challenger Disaster Essay

    Eyimofe Blessing-Kayode 001248133 O-Rings and the Challenger Disaster Introduction Mechanical engineering is a discipline of engineering that deals with the construction, designing and manipulation of machines. In this profession, precision is key and it is often compulsory for every detail to be flawless. In negligence of these precisions fatal and tremendous disasters can occur. An ideal illustration of this is the explosion of the ‘Challenger spacecraft’ in 1986, a few minutes after take-off…

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  • Randy Lovelace: Women In The Space Industry

    NASA and the entirety of the space industry was not always a welcome place for women. From the beginning of the program until recent years, women were shunned or disadvantaged in the male dominated field. The American space program began after the launch of Sputnik from Russia during the Cold War period. This struck fear into Americans and resulted in the interest of launching not only satellites, but also humans, into space. However, no one had any way of knowing what conditions…

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  • Essay On Engineering Disasters

    Engineering Disasters Engineers have opportunities and jobs like no other. Marvellous buildings and structures are completed, and new inventions are being created and implemented into society around the world, all thanks to engineers. However, not all of these inventions and structures are entirely perfect; in fact, some imperfect structures are more popular than the perfect ones because of the impact they have had on the people and areas around them. These famous imperfect structures are…

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