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  • Summary Of Ronald Reagan's Speech

    What could have been the purpose of a Ronald W. Reagan’s speech after a catastrophic incident? On January 28, 1986, a space shuttle launched from NASA suffered a casualty when the shuttle named The Challenger was on the air, as it broke apart. This launching was showcased on national television, causing the crew’s children witness their parents’ death, and most children in the U.S. being traumatized by it. As a way of unifying the nation after a tragedy of that essence, President Ronald W.…

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  • Challenger Space Shuttle Ethical Issues

    The Challenger space shuttle was scheduled to embark on its 10th mission on January 28, 1986. It was a project coordinated by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and Morton Thiokol, Inc. (MTI). The later company was concerned with the engineering of the Solid Rocket Boosters (SRBs), which facilitated the space shuttle’s lift off. The SRBs contained a U-joint that required O-rings to seal pressure gaps caused by ignition in the boosters (Diane Vaughan, 1989, p. 330). The…

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  • Groupthink: The Challenger Disaster

    Yes, I believe the Challenger disaster was a result of groupthink. There were many things presented in the brief reading above that leads me to think this. One sign of groupthink is that members are pressured to go along with the go along with the group. A prime example of this is that Morton Thiokol management advised against the launch, but reversed their decision at the behest of their engineers. Another sing of groupthink is that the members are very concerned with reinforcing the…

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  • Montgomery Care Center Observation

    Acceptance Never Ends Even in a Nursing Home: The Purpose of Popularity Amongst Residents at Montgomery Care Center Coffee and News Activity Group Setting I walk through the doors of the Montgomery Care Center. Inside there is a small living room to the right with typically one resident watching television and to the right, a window into an office. I wave at the woman at the desk and then sign in at the visitor’s book. I then head right at the end of the hallway and make my way down the…

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  • Ronald Reagan's Challenger Speech

    My Report on President Ronal Reagan’s Challenger Address (Ronald Reagan. The Space Shuttle "Challenger" Tragedy Address. President Ronald Reagan talked about the January 28, 1986 Challenger shuttle incident instead of on the state of congress and the grief it threw on our country. President Ronald Reagan was the speaker. He was the 40th president and head of the NASA space program. He was born in 1911 and died in 2004. He…

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  • Charles Tucker To Build A Fire Analysis

    Charles Tucker died on September 1st, 2154. It came as a shock to everyone aboard Enterprise, especially after surviving so many incidents with the Xindi and the other dangers of the Expanse. In the early days of space travel, and even in the early days of the mission, a mechanical accident was considered a real and present danger and a risk the crew would have to take, but after what they had all seen, the idea that a simple equipment malfunction could cause such a talented engineer to lose his…

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  • The Limits Of Space Exploration

    of discovery and technological advancements, space exploration starting from 1961 to present day has had a major impact on the human race. Whether be success on the first spacewalk and landing on the moon, or to the untimely destruc-tion of the challenger launch, space exploration has contributed to the history our society has to-day. Though the internal conflict between NASA on whether to send a man on the daring mis-sion was a major concern, the Gemini four mission was the first mission that…

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  • The Space Shuttle Disaster

    January 28,1986, was a tragic day in history. It was the day that the STS-51-L mission was the 25th flight launch of the Space Shuttle Program. The mission ended as a tragic, the Challenger suddenly had a catastrophic disaster with only 73 seconds from lift off, the shuttle killed all seven crew members. The Space Shuttle Disaster has a rememberance memorial in Washington D.C in the Arlington National Cemetery. The national Aeronautics and Space Administration will always remember the day that…

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  • Ronald Reagan Challenger Speech Analysis

    The Challenger was the first space craft in America that fatally exploded, and it was one of the most tragic days for many in America. The takeoff of the Challenger was viewed by many, including schoolchildren, who tuned in to watch. Many people were watching the Challenger take off into space, but as it was launched, on January 28, 1986, the Challenger broke apart only seventy-three seconds into its flight. This lead to the deaths of its seven crew members, which were five NASA astronauts and…

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  • Dodge Vs Chevy

    Chevrolet and Dodge There are many controversaries in the automotive world. One of the biggest American controversy is if Chevrolet or Dodge is the better company. These companies are both huge car and truck manufacturers in the American automobile conglomerate. Some of the biggest arguments are which vehicle is better between their muscle cars and their trucks, as well as what have they done and what are they doing to beat the other company? Chevrolet was founded by a Swiss racer named Louis…

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