Dodge Brothers Research Paper

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The first Dodge was built in 1914. The new car was an instant seller. When the three Dodge brothers died in 1920 they hired 22,000 workers and produced 140,000 cars a year. The Dodge Brothers Company remained independent until 1928, when the company became part of the Chrysler Corporation. Like the other mechanics and machinists from other car companies, the three Dodge brothers had a unique background.
John Francis Dodge was born on October 25, 1864. Horace Elgin Dodge was born on May 16, 1868. These were the two of the three Dodge siblings. They were born in Niles, Michigan. Delphine Dodge was the third of the siblings. They learned their machinist skills from their father.
The brothers built their first bicycle in Niles, Michigan as young boys. Horace invented a four point,
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Their connections between Ford was extremely expensive. In 1914, they made $3.8 million in dividends from their stock and also $1.7 million from the Ford contracts. In 1919, Ford bought out the rest of the remaining stockholders in the Ford Company then the Dodge brothers received a check for $25 million from their ten percent interest in the contract.
In 1914, the Dodge brothers incorporated the Dodge Brothers Motor Car Company. In 1913, they decided to build their own car, with relations to Ford, they also began a plant expansion. The reputation of Dodge having good craftsmanship was a reason that 13,000 dealers asked to become Dodge agents before anybody saw the new car. The Dodge brothers were the two best mechanics in Michigan. They done ever thing by hand. The Dodge brothers decided to make the car around $800 for sale.
The new car had considered interest way before it came out. The first Dodge came off of the assembly line in 1914. It was nicknamed, “Old Betsy”. It was a five passenger family car equipped with a 25 H.P. “L” head engine. All parts of the car were thoroughly tested by John Dodge

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