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  • Leon Trotsky Analysis

    Frida Kahlo came to greet them upon their arrival and let them stay in the Casa Azul (Blue House). Trotsky was later assassinated in Mexico. This photograph depicts how famous Trotsky was at the time. This international fame led Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, prominent Mexican artists and members of the Communist Party, to be willing to help with accommodating Trotsky. This fame meant that although the Soviet Union’s propaganda war slandered his name, he still was respected by some members of the…

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  • Analysis Of Josephine Withers's Paper No More War

    Art became a political statement (and a way of protest) in a way to share their opinions about the war (WWI and WWII). While millions of young men were killed in battle, the ideas of traditional Western art had changed. Artist such as George Grosz, Miné Okubo, Otto Dix, and Käthe Kollwitz reshaped art perception, and forever changed the perception of who we view war. Though, WWII had a bigger effect in the world, WWI’s classical dispute of the modern-day, not only politically but culturally as…

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  • Thinking About Death By Frida Kahlo Analysis

    away in 1954, at the age of 47. Throughout her life she had many struggles and health problems; she had polio at the age of 6, almost died at the age of 18 in a traffic accident, and at the age of 25, suffered from a horrific abortion. Her husband Diego Rivera cheated on her three years later with her sister leaving her heartbroken and divorced for two years until they remarried with a dis harmonised marriage. At the age of 37 Kahlo began experiencing a disheartening pain through her right leg…

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  • Mount Fuji Seen

    Katsushika Hokusai was a Japanese artist during the 18th and 19th centuries who is known for woodblock printing, “Ukiyo-e” painting, and manga art. What is unique about him is his interest in the “relationship between light and natural phenomena” and how he captured “the moods of nature and the atmospheric conditions of the different seasons and weather” (Hane 39). His most well known piece is “Mount Fuji Seen Below a Wave at Kanagawa” which is part of his series of woodblock prints known as…

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  • Salvador Dali Strengths

    years old. This tragic accident left her in full body cast as well as bedridden for 3 months. During this time she began to paint in order to pass the time, a significant amount of them being self portraits. Kahlo had a rocky marriage to the artist Diego Rivera. Their marriage was full of infidelity, which led to them divorcing and then remarrying. One year before Kahlo’s death, she was very sick and had to have her right leg was amputated. Kahlo died July 13, 1954 of a pulmonary embolism. She…

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  • Mexican Culture Essay

    The Renovation of a Damaged People: Mexico’s Post-Revolution Cultural Recovery Throughout history, music, art, and literature have held key roles in dealing with and responding to current political events. This type of culture has been used for good and evil - spreading truth that inspires the masses to make a change, or propaganda in order for a government to cultivate certain ideas within its citizens. By looking at the content of artistic expression during any given time and in any given…

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  • How Does Vincent Van Gogh Create Change Through Art

    physical and emotional. As a teenager, she survived a traffic accident, and then suffered chronic pain, thirty operations, miscarriages, and an amputation of her leg up to the knee. She had a turbulent relationship with her unfaithful husband, Diego Rivera, whom she divorced once and married twice. Though she was a figure of charm and glamour, what she offered was her…

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  • Summary: Amerindian Women And The Spanish Conquest Of Antonia

    In Sexual Violence in the politics and policies of conquest: Amerindian Women and the Spanish Conquest of Alta California by Antonia I. Castaneda she talks about how Amerindian women were treated by the Spanish soldier and the terrible thing they were put through. In The Collapse of the Missions by David J. Weber he talks about the horrible way Spanish soldier treated the Indians and how they tried to “civilize” the “savage Indians” and the struggle the Indians faced trying to stop this horrible…

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  • The Three Ethnic Groups In Mexico

    However, the identity of Mexicans tends to lie in the ethnic roots, whether they were mainly European or indigenous. Artists such as Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo depicted pride in their native ancestry and the present cultural importance of the arts. The political organization of Mexico is such that it has a plurality of political parties and to obtain the presidency, it has become almost…

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  • Kusatsu Famous Resting Place Analysis

    Jennifer Le Arts-1301-85402 It was a rainy Saturday when I went to the Dallas Museum of Art where I first encountered the enormous steel sculpture Ave by Mark Di Suvero, which could be an artwork for commemoration and serves as a recognizable icon for citizens to demonstrate that the building next to it as an art museum. The abstract sculpture rested on the large grassy area where the bright red steel complimented the green grass that stood next to the light gray museum. The contemporary…

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