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  • The Two Frida Kahlo Analysis

    the arm of the Frida in the indigenous Mexican clothing. Blood from the artery is spilling onto the white dress where the artery is severed. The Frida in the indigenous Mexican dress is holding a locket with a picture of presumably her husband, Diego Rivera, as a young boy. In the background, the sky is…

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  • Frida Kahlo Analysis

    For instance, in 1922, she met and fell in love with Diego Rivera who was a married man; however, Kahlo was not sure of how to deal with his emotions. In 1925, she had an accident that altered much of her later life as it affected her pelvis making it impossible to conceive. Therefore, her life was full of pain because she could not fulfill her motherhood dreams that she captured through paintings.…

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  • Summary Of Veronese's Feast In The House Of Levi

    Freedom of Expression When we look at Veronese’s painting, Feast in the House of Levi we see a lot going on. From scruffy dogs, man picking their teeth, men dressed in foreign soldier uniforms to midgets and drunks, (PG 673). Which caused an uproar in people’s opinions. Many were simply offended that he chose to make such a spectacle of this religious, holy, and iconic scene of history (PG 673). While others did not feel the ungodly and wicked surroundings around Jesus were justified and right,…

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  • Man At The Crossroads Analysis

    In the featured mural “Man at the Crossroads,” the artist, Diego Rivera, justifies his thesis on a world in utter social turmoil. During the early 1900s, social upheaval spread across the world like wildfire, with a particular focus on WWI and WWII as a method of change in government. The mural addresses issues that Rivera has seen as not only his political views, but a means to move forward to the future. Therefore, Rivera addresses this fact in the title of his piece, there is a crossroad…

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  • Diego Rivera's The Hammock Or La Hammaca

    Diego Rivera’s The Hammock or La hamaca, is a portrait that was painted in 1956 of Dolores Olmedo’s daughter, along with a friend of hers. The two are supposed to be studying, hence the fallen book by), but instead they rest in a hammock in front of the mesmerizing landscape of Acapulco. This artwork is very appealing to the eye due to the vibrant colors and many other factors. You will find that when looking at the Visual Elements of Art and Principles of Design, Rivera accurately uses line,…

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  • Frida Kahlo Surrealism

    Frida Kahlo, who was born on July 6, 1907, in Coyoacan, Mexico, was a Mexican artist known for self-portraits, which had a deeper meaning. Frida Kahlo used oil, Masonite, and canvas for her self-portrait paintings. She died on July 13, 1954, in Coyoacan, Mexico, due to a pulmonary embolism. The art styles of Frida Kahlo were surrealism and realism. Surrealism is an art form when a painting has unrelated images in a very strange way. Realism is a style of painting are depicted as they are…

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  • Diego Pollock Essay

    Pollock battled acute alcoholism. He worked for the WPA during the Great Depression. His work became highly publicized (Life). He enjoyed the work of Diego Rivera and Jose Clemente Orozco (American Decades). At one time, he was a “communist of sorts” (Sylvester 398). Diego Rivera was affiliated with the communist party. (Block) Orozco, while not a communist, was friends with many. (Wye 125) Pollock was a proponent of Abstract Expressionism, and his untraditional art style made him the subject of…

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  • Frida Kahlo's Influence On Art

    Art is something that is created, viewed, and accepted differently among people. Everyone has the ability to create art with whatever intentions they desire the art to speak. Art can be a hobby, a job, or something that you do simply because it’s all you can do. Frida Kahlo falls within the latter. Frida Kahlo went through many tragedies in her life that many people would not have even wanted to live through, let alone survive them. Frida’s perseverance amazes many people today, including myself…

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  • Analysis Of Diego Rivera's Liberation Of The Peon

    1. How does Diego Rivera’s mural, Liberation of the Peon express social realism and communicate a national identity to the public Refer to Blackboard Study Guides for image of mural)? Diego Rivera’s Liberation of the Peon painting expresses deterioration of a country and its people. The painting has a soothing, but yet strong colors in it that details the historical events of the time period. The Liberation of the Peon painting expresses slavery, adjustments, and evolution. Slavery can be…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Public Art

    Art is a driving force for many people and a way that they can express their selves and issues that are happening around the world. It creates a sense of welcoming and shows future generations what their culture was like in past times. However, many artist rely on the use of funds from direct public, private sectors contributions, federal department and agencies. Public art funding can be a good thing for artist but just like anything else it has its pros and cons. It provides artist with the…

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