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  • Role Of Egyptian Queenship And Queen Nefertari

    Egyptian queenship and Queen Nefertari In ancient Egypt, queenship was synonymous to “royal women”. Egyptian kings required female counterparts to legitimize their divine and supreme power. One of the reasons for this was because having a female counterpart followed the same pattern of the Egyptian gods. Queens represented fecundity, an important factor in continuing the kingship. Egyptian queenship was closely linked to the mother goddesses Hathor and Isis. As such, Egyptian queens were…

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  • The Heroic Journey In Hitchcock's Psycho

    In the film ‘Psycho’, Hitchcock shocked the audience, and strayed from the traditional heroic journey by killing off the main character halfway through the film. Mary Crane lives in her Ordinary world; she is an unassuming woman living in Phoenix Arizona, working as a secretary. Her boyfriend, Sam Loomis is low on money. Mary is unsatisfied with her current situation, prompting her to leave her Ordinary world and accept her call to adventure. There is little to no reluctance as Mary rushes home…

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  • Ancient Egyptian Architecture Essay

    Egyptian architecture developed during the dynastic period in the Nile Valley regions of Egypt and Nubia. The types of architectures that are found in Egypt are: sculptures, monuments, and pyramids. During ancient Egypt building great monuments and structures was sign of power. Construction was also a normal task a male would busy themselves with. According to the text in Cultures of the West it states, “Statues of the kings adorned every temple; inscriptions praising their magnificence…

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  • Battle Of Kadesh Analysis

    This goal of this paper is to critically assess the Battle of Kadesh through the analysis of both primary texts, relief carvings, and secondary analysis by scholars. The Battle of Kadesh is by and large considered to be a stalemate for the Hittites and the Egyptians, as no territory was gained or lost. However, the reliefs and texts that were created six times on the sides of temples reveal a celebration of Ramesses II’s victory over the Hittites despite the battle being near disastrous for the…

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  • Statue Of Hatshepsut Analysis

    Since the first revelation of a piece that was considered as an “artwork”, many styles have been developed throughout the centuries. Artworks have been engendered by different artists in sundry styles, time periods and places. When artists or theorists invents an incipient set of conceptions of an unknown style, it can now be utilized by anyone, sundry times. Once an artist engendered an artwork utilizing a concrete style, another artist can re-visit it as the reference to engender a different…

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  • Alfred Hitchcock Psycho Critical Analysis

    One of the most iconic filmmakers of the classical Hollywood era is Alfred Hitchcock. And perhaps one of the best works by him is the movie Psycho. Made in 1960, Psycho started out with actually a lot of negative criticism by well-known movie-goers and critics. Labeled “a violation of good film construction”, the movie turns out to be packed with brilliant plot twists and turns (Kendrick, 6). And in the back end of this brilliant presentation is the subversion and the creativity that has driven…

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  • Cyrus The Great Empire: The First Persian Empire

    The first Persian Empire was found in the western part of Asia. It was known for many things. It was started by Cyrus the Great, who was known for accepting the beliefs of the people he conquered. The Persian Empire was also known to have ruled over the largest kingdom in that time. They were the first kingdom to establish the intricate system of using satraps to aid the king in his ruling, and making public works for their citizens. They were able to develop a postal system to help pass on…

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  • Norman Bates In Psycho

    Psycho: Why Does Norman Bates Have a Chilling Effect on Audiences? The movie Psycho, directed by Alfred Hitchcock, was a landmark movie in the history of film. Made during a time when The Production Code was still at large and society had still not seen or heard such disturbing actions on the big screen. Audiences were and are still drawn in with the thrilling story of what happens inside Bates Motel, and the mystery behind, specifically revolving around Norman Bates and his mother. Audiences…

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  • The Bible: The English Word Prophet Amos

    A prophet is a person regarded as an inspired teacher, or proclaimer of the will of G-d. “The English word “prophet” comes from Greek and literally means “spokesperson.” This further provides meaning since the prophets were “messengers of G-d”. In Hebrew the name עמוס (Amos) means laden, burdened, carried, and brave. In the Old Testament, a person named “Amos” besides the prophet is never mentioned. Out of all of the prophets, “Amos is the first of the “writing prophets,” that is prophets whose…

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  • Dante's Inferno: Pier Delle Vigna

    Pier delle Vigna was inappropriately charged with the attempted murder of Frederick II, Holy Roman emperor and king of Sicily. He was conspired against by envious people who wanted to see an end to his greatness. Once charged, Pier was jailed, beaten, and had his eyes viciously removed from his skull, blinding him. He saw no hope for his future, and therefore ended his life, by bashing his head against the wall until his brain leapt from his cranium. Pier was the victim of political envy, which…

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