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  • Criticism Of Kawaii Culture

    prey on the kawaii appeal. Concerning female artists, kawaii can be seen in their clothes, childlike appearances and attitudes, and innocent self-presentations. One popular icon is Kyary Pamyu Pamyu whose interpretation of kawaii hinges on the childlike aspect but draws inspiration from the childishly innocent yet unusual ideas that would fit into the mind of a preteen.She wears the bright colors associated with childish fashion and accentuates her inner child through her actions but she also features lots of “strange” and “abnormal” imagery that almost assaults the senses in her performances. Another group that exemplifies part of the ideology behind modern kawaii culture is the girl group Baby Metal. This trio of girls exemplifies the cuteness that Japanese people value but intertwine that with a seemingly contradictory image of a goth-like style in their music and color scheme. This cute look that Baby Metal sports closely resembles the Victorian style celebrated in the Lolita subcategory of kawaii, one that is often called upon when referencing the dark side of kawaii. Although kawaii is so widespread in Japan and can be seen nearly everywhere, the phenomenon is not without its so called dark side. This “seedy side of kawaii” – as Garger called it in her article – mostly pertains to the sexualization that takes place, especially concerning the fact that a large part of kawaii is the channeling of a childlike state. Much of the negative connotations associated with…

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  • Japanese Kawaii Essay Thesis

    kawaii in Japan and potentially in the West and in other parts of Asia. After these two e-books, I came across a short article titles One Nation Under Cute that was published in Psychology Today and concerned the idea of Japanese cuteness. Ilya Gargner, the author, addresses the idea of kawaii and examines it from a psychological standpoint. At the end of the article, she includes a small section whose tone is much darker than the rest of the article. This part talks about the “seedy side of…

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  • Kawaii Culture

    each country. Between 1970 and 1990, cuteness dominated the media and consumer…

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  • Narratives: Difference Between Naysaying Ethics And Yeasaying Ethics

    When people feel remorse and anger for the suffering of others, it‘s then that they will really be moved to help those in need. 4. Why, according to Prinz, isn’t it enough to feel empathy for victims? Is he being fair in his description of the proponents of empathy? Is Prinz right about the “cuteness effect” on our empathy? Why or why not? According to Prinz, empathy, “can create its own moral problems” Rosenstand, 586). Therefore, to feel empathy for victims is not enough because it is not a…

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  • Babymetal Research Papers

    Metal music is a genre historically dominated by men. An all-female trio of teens, Babymetal’s music is a new combination of Idol pop, or J-pop (Japenese pop) and metal, a novel fusion of genres the group defines as “kawaii” (cute) metal. Babymetal’s first single was released in 2014, and “their debut album was the bestselling Japanese album in America in 2014” (Benjamin par 1). In a Nikkel Trendy interview, Babymetal’s producer, Kobametal, states he wanted to create a “Metal unit that would…

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  • What Does It Mean To Be An Only Child

    I am an only child with my mom. Sadly my dad was there, but he vanished. I don’t know how. Being an only child has given me many advantages for starters I don’t have my room being invaded with slimy germs. That is exactly why I have not missed a day of school. Also my mom has given all her attention to me, which is every kids dream. I have so many friends at school whom which get punished for whatever their siblings do. This is code one of parents; Parents always have favorites even if they do…

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  • Documentary Analysis: The Secret Life Of Babies

    The Secret Life of Babies is a heart-warming documentary highlighting a development from infancy to childhood. From how we communicate, how we feel, how we think, to how mobile we are initiates from our early development and nurturing. I found it enlightening to find there was quite a bit I was unaware of. For instance, how much travel time a baby gets in after they become mobile as well as messy eating enhances learning to how many times a baby laughs. I also never would of thought about a…

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  • Biology Assignment: Dumbest Organism

    Paulina Thet Biology 101 Writing Assignment: Dumbest Organism When you think of koalas you think cute and adorable and cuddly, and I agree with that. Despite their cuteness, they’re generally a dumb animal with a low level of any intellectual abilities. Compared to other animals they have a smaller and quite frankly a small brain in general. Like a sloth, a koala’s movement is pretty slow and they spend more time asleep than they do awake. Koalas spend nearly 80% of their time asleep and when…

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  • Anise Character Analysis

    typical, adorable 13-year-old. Cuter than a button, pink is her favorite color, and she has lots of typical girly and childish interests to boot. Even her weapon is a stuffed animal, that she's able to control so that she can ride it around during battle. She punctuates her sentences with hearts, has a wide range of playful expressions, and fervently uses insults like 'meanie' to reinforce just how adorable she is. Despite her initial 'cute' personality, however, Anise is, in many ways, the…

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  • The Victorian Fashion Style

    of it before they hear of Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. Even though I’ve never read Lolita, I know enough about how when people hear “Lolita,” they’d immediately associate it with the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a “lolita.” A prepubescent or adolescent girl who is attractive and sexually responsive, a girl who lusts(or is believed to) after older men, and is lusted after by then in return. Also a euphemism for child pornography. Given the term and name was popularized by…

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