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  • Terracotta Army Essay

    times the normal level • the tomb is thought to be a soccer field in size • pyramid shaped mountain at the foot at Mount Li said by Sima Qian that it would would be rich in gold at the north side and rich in jade in the south • past the “rigged crossbows” there are palaces, scenic towers, “treasures” and “rare…

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  • Yeoman-Class In England

    This distinction - which lives on today in such spectacles as the Trooping of the Colours, in London - can similarly be traced to the warfare of the longbow. Medieval European armies employed crossbowmen. The crossbow required time to arm, yet was fairly accurate over short distances. Therefore crossbowmen fired as individuals. The longbow was less accurate. By firing as an individual the longbowman was more likely to miss his target. But if whole "platoons" of…

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  • Essay On Renaissance Festival

    Life must have been irrational back in early Europe. Slap happy, drunken, and crazed people was all there was back then. The only rational people were the King and Queen, and any other royalty. A lot of stuff has changed since the medieval times in Europe, and to experience it was extraordinary. At some point time I had learned about the medieval times and what it was like, but never really experienced it. What exactly is the Renaissance Festival? I found this to be a reoccurring thought on the…

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  • Knights In The Feudal System

    Nowadays, we think of knights being great soldiers and good people, but this is not the case, as they were arrogant jerks that would not listen to commands given to them. Knights were well trained, highly experienced warriors of the feudal system. Feudalism was a very effective system that fit the needs of all classes during the middle ages. Knights are the men that fight for the feudal system and were born by its many oaths and agreements. Feudalism was an effective system that met the needs of…

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  • The Xipos: An Ancient Greek Weapon

    Spears are old weapons that the greek craftsman improved. The spear was originally a sharpened stick then it had bronze or metal tips. The greeks used the spear as a thrusting weapon that was used behind a shield. The spear was 2 to 3 meters long m long so it could be used well in a charge. The spear has changed a lot over time and the greeks upgraded and refined the design of this classic weapon. The Xiphos is a sword that the greeks used in military warfare. The xiphos was a single handed…

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  • Compare And Contrast Trebuchets And Catapults

    Trebuchets and Catapults Trebuchets and catapults have a significant impact in history. In the past, people such as the Arabs, Romans, and Greeks used them in war all the way up till the Medieval Era. In fact, these machines may have been major turning points towards winning certain wars. The creativity of people at that time ultimately made them the inventors of a new technology that would clear the way for more improvements. However, trebuchets and catapults were built for separate purposes.…

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  • The Rise Of The Roman Republic Of China

    Looting and taking what they found was one of the ways that they paid for these campaigns. One of the strategies they used was the siege, cutting off a town or building from getting resources. They used weapons such as the Scorpion, which worked like a crossbow and fired large javelins that could pick off soldiers on the wall. Another one of these seige weapons was the Ballista, they could be as tall as 6 meters. They also used battering rams to try to take down the gates. Being in the military…

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  • The Role Of Romanticism In The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner

    comes across an albatross bird and impulsively kills it with his crossbow. By killing this bird, a symbol of purity, the mariner has offended god and nature. His punishment is to be haunted indefinitely, causing him to spend the rest of his life questioning his actions toward nature, by the spirit who loved the bird, "God save thee, ancient mariner! From the fiends, that plague thee thus! – Why look'st thou so?" "With my crossbow I shot the albatross.” (I.18-20). Coleridge is emphasizing the…

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  • The First Crusade: The Middle Ages

    A crusader, clad in thick leather armour, branded with a red cross, charges forward towards the Muslim army, which is defending their city of Jerusalem. War cries sound from both armies as a bloodbath is about to ensue. The crusader uses his The Middle ages were an era of brutal power struggles that would form the modern world. The First Crusade was a Christian attempt at regaining Jerusalem, the Holy Land. It stemmed further than this, however. Pope Urban II had heard word that Christians were…

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  • Shark Clan Short Story

    When the Shark Clan leader was killed, all was well in the ocean. The criminal activity had stopped. It was an early morning in September. The water was murky. The water was cold. And my home was quiet. Only the sound of the current could be heard. Through my open window, I heard screams of another fish who had fallen into the hands of the members of the Clan. A faint, devious laughter could be heard. This was the sound of another crime, and another innocent life that was lost. Most citizens of…

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