The Han Dynasty: Great Dynasties Of Ancient China

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Lynna Hong
Stefan Chrissanthos
History 110A
16 April 2017

Han Dynasty The Han Dynasty was one of the great dynasties of Ancient China. It it deemed to be the most successful dynasties of China and played a major part in the advancement of Chinese Civilization. It reigned over China for one of the longest periods reigning from 206 BCE to 220 CE. The Han Dynasty was important because it brought upon new cultural and technological advancements and during this time they experienced political, social and military advancements which helped the Chinese progress.
Following the first dynasty of China which was the Qin Dynasty came the Han Dynasty, the second imperial dynasty of China. The Han Dynasty was comprised of two periods, the Western Han
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One of the most important inventions during this time was the invention of paper. The invention of paper held a significant contribution to the world during this period. The paper was made with hemp and linen that was pounded and disintegrated which was then placed on a meshed surface and soaked. When it dried it was peeled away and a sheet of paper was revealed. With the invention of paper, they were able to keep accounts. Prior to the invention of paper, they had to use something called “Bushu” which was bamboo slips or silk pieces. The change from bamboo slips to paper was a big advancement and development in China. By the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, when paper was invented and it was being used to help the government keep records and pass along important information all through the empire. This helped tremendously because both government and non-government accounting allowed people to give more attention what they were spending their money on so they would be aware of how much profit they had or how much they were …show more content…
The Chinese armies were successful because of their organization. They were able to gather huge armies consisting of thousand of soldiers, an abundance of equipment and weapons which helped overcome their enemies. Another element which assisted the Han’s military was the infrastructure. During the Han Period, there were about twenty thousand roads constructed which allowed for easier traveling for merchants, travelers, soldiers, and the Chinese citizens in general. The weapons at this time were a huge reason for the military success as well. Many weapons before this period were made with bronze but during the Han Period iron was becoming the most popular and used type of metal. Items such as iron spears, swords, axes, and knives were appearing more and more. The weapon that gave the Chinese the most advantage from their enemies was the crossbow. Although the crossbow has been around before the Han Period, they were the ones who refined them allowing more that one bolt to be shot out at a time. The crossbow was manufactured so precisely, in such a way that made it hard for their enemies to mimic giving the Hans a huge advantage on the

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