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  • Medieval Technology Essay

    The Medieval technology that made war a game of iron and brains. The art of Blacksmithing, crafting master swords out of iron and fire. The long range approach to bring down enemies from afar. The great war machines used to overcome great towering walls. The inventions that moved the Medieval Ages more towards modernity. The art of Blacksmithing, crafting master swords out of fire and iron, was no easy task. Blacksmiths often bought purified iron and in which they themselves then turned it to…

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  • Speech On Zombie Apocalypse

    as a soldier in our community. Vehicles are a needed for supply runs and passenger transport. Specialty vehicles like busses and ambulances are always in short supply, so any help in that department is greatly appreciated. Lastly, weapons such as crossbows, shotguns, pistols, rifles, swords, and knives are always needed to arm and defend our community. A volunteer militia is needed to defend our community from zombie…

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  • How Did Confucius Influence Ancient Chinese Culture

    understand China’s distinctive family structure and culture, all one should do is study the historical character of a man named Confucius. Confucius wasn’t a famous emperor who fought a war or commanded an army, nor was he a warrior who bore a sword or crossbow in a battle. Instead, he was an educator whose words, documents, and teachings helped construct China’s family dynamics. His philosophy’s and ethics were handed down for centuries as he became the most renown influences and teachers of…

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  • The Spanish Conquests In The War Of The Mesoamerican

    But besides the spread of disease, the Spaniards also had other advantages: horses, guns, war dogs, metal armor, steel swords and crossbows. All of these were devastating unknown things to Mesoamericans, of which they were not prepared to defend against. The arrival of the Spanish brought Mesoamericans the combination of disease, war, slavery and forced relocation that nearly wiped…

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  • Hulagu Khan's Leadership

    Leaving their home country of Mongolia, an army led by the great Hulagu. The decedent of the once great ruler; Genghis Khan. He was sent after the execution of the Genghis. Hulagu was able to carefully plan out a route to the Saudi Arabian city. But how was he able to gain control of Baghdad? As a military leader, Hulagu Khan was a vicious leader. By any means necessary. Asking for the submission of the Caliph, the Mongolian army converged on the city, just to defeat them in the winter of 1258.…

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  • The Black Plague And The Battle Of The Middle Ages

    The middle Ages were characterized by different ideas of major cultures. Whether the ideals of the army of France and the army of Europe were disconnected in the 100 Years War, or between science and religion during massive amounts of death, like the plague, there was a severe distinction between the two. The two ideals in both situations could not have been more different, and cause a large difference in how the people reacted to these two events. The end of the middle ages is characterized by…

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  • Medieval Catapults

    catapults were able to crush walls, create fear, and cause chaos in war. Catapults are the weapons used in wars, some of which are the same and some different. The Ballista was an attack weapon used during Medieval Times. The Ballista was similar to a crossbow but was bigger. “The…

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  • Bloody Magacki: A Fictional Narrative

    scaling the wall on his left; he was favoring his right side as blood trickled down a gash in his shoulder. The man was flying up the wall, over half way up when the armed men below him catch up. “Bloody Magacki,” the first snarls, he unslung a crossbow from his back and starts to notch a bolt. The man above looks down at them with a wild grin, showing his yellow eyes with black, snake like slits as pupils.…

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  • Management Case Study: Terion Inc.

    a concept to an award winning market leader. Terion Inc. developed the hardware, software, sensors, and web functionality to support a best in class product offering. Investors included: HARRIS Corporation, SCP Partners, Penske Capital Partners, Crossbow Ventures and XTRA Lease. Ken guided all operations of the business while focusing on securing a positive liquidity event and rapid growth in company value. Worked in close collaboration with a diverse Board of Directors with representation from…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Military Tactics Of Hans And Romans

    The Roman Empire and the Hans Empire’s military and government systems were incredibly different in the sense of organization. The Roman Empire fought differently than the Hans and they approached war with more organized and well thought out tactics. The Hans military tactics went a different approach to warfare. The Hans’ military tactics were strategic through the deception. They defeated other empires by using their military tactics against them. The Romans planned their battles and how they…

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