Criticism of the Bible

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  • Marilyn Manson Research Paper

    bands in shock rock. According to, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins was the innovator of shock rock. Screamin’ Jay was a blues singer who drunkenly recorded his first solo album, “I Put a Spell on You,” in 1956 and received significant criticism due to its drunken lyrics and sexuality. He started developing the shock rock genre by agreeing to appear on stage getting out of a coffin, and thereafter wearing eccentric…

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  • The Pilgrim's Progress Book Review

    locations in the book, Bunyan points out the false views of God people have, the flaws of having these views, and the rewards one receives when he obeys the Bible. A couple of Bunyan's characters Talkative and Christian show the difference between having head knowledge about God and having heart knowledge about God. Talkative knew much about the Bible but didn't apply it to his life. When Faithful asked Talkative if he was walking to the Celestial City, Talkative was quick to tell him yes. They…

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  • Narcissism In Good Country People

    People” illustrates that dismissing sin instead of accepting it leads to great loss. Hulga believes she is much more intelligent and cultured than her mother and those around her, especially because of her choice to be atheistic. When a good country Bible salesperson, Pointer, arrives, she believes she can easily trick and corrupt him, yet even when he tricks her, she attempts to reaffirm her spiritual position by criticizing his, stating “‘you’re a fine Christian! You’re just like them all -…

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  • How Does The Author Present Social Issues In The Handmaid's Tale

    Authors portray social issues that are sensitive to the public by placing them in their literary works in order to display their importance. Authors such as Atwood and Roth utilize this technique in order to bring forth social issues that deal with race, gender, love, religion, and other issues that people are scared to discuss. These authors bring these topics to light through the use of vivid imagery, detailed characterization, and a well developed setting. The main issues that are touched on…

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  • Behavior Therapy By B. F. Skinner's Goals And Methods

    behavioral skills: Skill deficits may be involved in dysfunctional anger in at east two different ways. For one, if an individual does not have requisite skills for major life roles (e.g., parent, partner, work supervisor) or tasks (e.g., handling criticism or disappointment), then he or she may experience frustration and anger in dealing with these roles or tasks. For another, the individual may not have positive skills for handling inevitable conflict, disagreement, and hassle.…

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  • From Controversy To Apologetics

    unified seventh century polemical corpus gradually dissolved with the rise of a new narrative: Apologetics belonging to the Melkites (Chalcedonians), the Jacobites (Monophysites) or the Nestorians (Church of the East) began to address not only Muslim criticism, but also defended their Christology to each another. But first, the paper will attempt to construct a distinction between apologetics and controversy in context through an examination of the chronological transformation of the Eastern…

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  • Dr. Martin Luther King's Letters From A Birmingham Jail

    One who reads “Letters From a Birmingham Jail” in this day and age would be petrified and disgusted at the back story to Dr. Martin Luther King’s imprisonment. The sheer fact that he was arrested for nonviolent and legal protest would aggravate any man, however it is apparent that Dr. King took the opportunity to capitalize on the situation and transform it into an aspiring lecture. I believe that Dr. King’s purpose in writing the letter was a combination of attempting to move, delight, and…

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  • Psychology And Scripture: A Comparative Analysis

    actually inform each other. The integration view suggests individuals to learn everything they can about both fields, but the ultimate Lordship is to become a devoted follower of Christ. When science seems to be inconsistent or misaligned with the Bible, the integration view will question the facts within science. This approach believes in drawing the foundation from Scripture and applying it into the search for ultimate answers. God’s word should be the guide for how we study science and how we…

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  • Voluntaryism In Social Work

    Model Code of Pastoral Conduct (2004), as a volunteer I must treat all people with consideration, courtesy, dignity, patience, integrity, respect and loyalty. Furthermore, I am to utilize reinforcement of a positive nature instead of comparison, criticism or competition. I will not accept gifts from my clients. If I suspect that child abuse is taking place,…

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  • An Analysis Of Cormac Mccarthy's The Road

    The Road, a post-apocalyptic, bleak and overwhelmingly daunting set novel, which conceals a deeper rooted message of overwhelming love and the connection as well as the true meaning of father and son even through the darkest of times. This iconic novel was written by the world renown Cormac McCarthy, who typically writes out of the ordinary, dark, and menacing books and is also known for several other of his works including Blood Meridian and No Country for Old Men. McCarthy published this novel…

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