Congenital heart disease

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  • Cardio-Respiratory Mechanisms

    females who exercise will have a higher relative-VO2, higher a-vO2-difference, higher stroke volume(SV) and higher cardiac output(CO) at their peak work rate; than individuals who do not exercise. In addition, we predict that females who exercise their heart rate(HR) will be lower before and after exercise than in females who do not exercise. These subjects performed high intensity exercises on an ergometer until exhaustion. Cardio-respiratory values were analyzed during and after exercise with…

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  • Dysrhythmia Speech Outline

    point 1) I. Causes - “An arrhythmia is an aberrant heart rhythm which is either a change in the speed or pattern of the heartbeats. Symptoms commonly associated with arrhythmias include palpitations, near syncope, syncope, chest pain, and shortness of breath.” A. Sub point 1. Hereditary conditions are the leading cause of cardiac arrhythmia. Because there are many other conditions related. 2. Aging is the next, as we get older so does the heart. This can cause issues. 3. Electrolyte…

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  • Confidentiality Essay

    any physical limitations and how was he handling them. He told me since he developed his heart disease he get short of breath while walking around his farm. He told me he had put benches around the farm in case he has to sit down and that his daughter makes him carry a cell phone where ever he goes. Mr. Wilson has medication that his doctor requires him to take to help his high blood pressure and his heart problem, so I asked how he receives his medicine. He explained to me that his daughter…

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  • Ampw Syndrome Research Paper

    Hereditary diseases are genetic disorders that occur when mutated genes carrying certain mutations are transferred from parents onto an offspring. Genes are the factors that codes for proteins and deficient form of gene cause due to mutation in genes give rise to deficient form of protein. Wolff-Parkinson-White (WPW) syndrome is a hereditary disease. WPW syndrome causes chronic heart disease which is associated with ventricular pre-excitation and a thicker ventricle muscle. Patients with the…

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  • Hopeless Freedom In Kate Chopin's The Story Of An Hour

    and fantasizes the many opportunities she now has. She is filled with joy, but later realizes that her husband is not dead, but alive and “a little travel-stained” (557). As soon as she sees for herself that he is not dead she quickly “died of heart disease – of joy that kills” (557). Her new found freedom is the only thing that preoccupied Mrs. Mallard’s mind rather than her husband’s death;…

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  • Heart Rate Vulnerability

    Conclusion Heart rate variability has considerable potential to assess the fluctuations in the autonomic nervous system. Here we have examined the impact of meditation – Dialogue with the Body – on heart rate variability. A relaxing effect of meditation on Heart rate variability was observed. Thus this non-invasive methodology is of substantial utility to evaluate autonomic control mechanisms in spite of an incomplete understanding of the physiological significance of HRV parameters. There…

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  • Story Of An Hour Symbolism

    In Kate Chopin’s “The Story of an Hour,” Mrs. Mallard at first grieves over the death of her husband, but when she gets upstairs, she finds her new found freedom. In the time frame of an hour, her freedom is snatched from her because her husband is alive. Through effective use of imagery, symbolism, and a third person limited narrator, Kate Chopin shows the reader Mrs. Mallard’s feelings about marriage. Chopin shows her usage of imagery by describing the feeling of Spring. When Mrs. Mallard…

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  • Case Study: One Beat At A Time

    coming.” Shouted Alix in an alert, yet sleepy tone. Alix got up, rubbed her tired eyes, and began to go through her morning routine. She chose her favorite outfit for a cool, fall day; blue jeans and a sparkly pink shirt. “ba bum, ba bum, ba bum” her heart beat on. After lacing up her tennis shoes, she selected her morning cereal, ate, and packed her school bag. “Goodbye Mom, I love you” called Alix as she ran out the door. “I love you too Alix. I will see you after school” said her…

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  • Situs Inversus Case Study Essay

    BLUNT TRAUMA ABDOMEN IN A CASE OF SITUS INVERSUS TOTALIS: A CASE REPORT Abstract Situs inversus totalis is a rare congenital anomaly in which position of the heart and all abdominal viscera is reversed. Situs abnormalities usually go unnoticed but may be recognized by radiography or ultrasonography as an incidental finding or during evaluation for congenital heart diseases. It is a rare condition with incidence of 1 in every 8,000 to 25000 births. We present a case of blunt trauma abdomen in a…

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  • Pathologic Heart Smooth Essay

    Pathologic heart murmurs are the number one birth defect in infants. It affects 36,000 infants in the United States. Many children can die from it, but many children can also survive it. Infants can be born with it, and they can also develop the disease as they grow older, in this essay, we will explain to you the causes of heart murmurs, the treatment of heart murmurs, and the symptoms of heart murmurs. Pay attention, because your son can be born with this. Causes of heart murmurs Pathologic…

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