Congenital heart disease

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  • Blood Typing Experiment

    Blood is the only liquid in the body that is classified as connective tissue. Its function is to transport oxygen, metabolic wastes such as carbon dioxide and nitrogenous waste from the kidneys. Regulation of the body’s pH, body temperature, and maintenance of the liquid volume in the circulatory system. Lastly, protection by way of Leukocyte activation and preventing blood loss by way of the platelets in the blood. Blood is composed of 55% plasma (water, salts, plasma proteins, and other…

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  • A Short Story Of Adeline: A Narrative Fiction

    Prologue It only took a moment. Only a heartbeat. Only a single scream. Only a moment, before two lives were lost, a spirit trapped on earth and one girl to be both granted a gift and damned with a curse in the blink of an eye. It took only a second, for a life to change forever. It took only a second, the world to end. And Adeline’s, ended in a single moment. The air was warm on her pale skin as she breathed in the smell of cold rain falling from the gray sky above, the moon…

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  • Lovastatin Research Paper

    INTRODUCTION Lovastatin is a statin drug that decreases the total cholesterol level in patients diagnosed with hypercholesterolemia. The drug aims to prevent serious cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack due to blockage of arteries. Lovastatin acts as a competitive inhibitor for the HMG-CoA reductase enzyme in catalyzing the conversion of HMG-CoA to mevalonate, (Alberts, 1998). The drug is also hydrolyzes in vivo to active form β-hydroxyl acid, (Katz, 2005) and was recently researched on…

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  • Differences Between Exercise And Pulse Rates

    Conclusion 1 : The degrees of exercise and the pulse rate are positively related. That means the pulse rate increases when the degrees of exercise increase. Explanation : - Pulse rate increases means the heart rate increases. - Heart rate increases means the frequency of the beating of heart increases. - Three reasons for the rise in pulse rate when the degrees of exercise increase. Reason ⅰ : To remove lactic acid in blood and skeletal muscle cells…

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  • Appendectomy Case Studies

    Patient Information: Patrick, 42yrs., M, Caucasian S. CC: Pain on the side of the back and stomach that radiates to the groin. HPI: Patrick is a 42yr old male patient presented to the clinic with c/o pain on the side of his back, that spreading to the stomach and radiates to the groin. He also c/o nausea and using the restroom very often. He feels, he is febrile as he was sweating. Onset: This morning 5 a.m. Location/Radiation: Which side of your back hurts? Where is the pain located on the…

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  • Average Beats Per Minute

    UNIT 11 ASSIGNMENT 2 Anjelina Qureshi P3 Average Beats per Minute I took 3 reading of my beats per minute (BPM) to ensure I got an accurate result. I took 3 readings of 30 seconds and then multiplied them by 2 to get 3 readings of 60 seconds. I took my readings whilst sitting down and not talking having not done any physical activity (walking etc.) in the 10 minutes before I took my readings. Repeats Beats per 30 seconds Beats per minute 1 35 70 2 38 76 3 42 84 Mean 38.3 76.6 Decline of…

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  • Pig And Pigs Similarities

    Pigs and mammals share a number of similarities in external features. Pigs and mammals have -an umbilical cord -ears, eyes, mouth -four limbs -an anus on the exterior - a scrotal sac (male pigs) like most mammal males -hair (fur, whiskers) -teeth, tongue and two nostrils (Nose) The fetal pig does indeed have pelage and tactile. Firstly, the pelage covers most of the body such as the (dorsal, ventral, anterior, posterior etc). The pelage alsos possesses a relatively short length. Moreover,…

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  • Essay On Lupus

    Lupus is a long-lasting inflammatory disease that strikes when the body’s immune system attacks its own tissues and organs. The inflammation that is caused by this disease affects multiple systems of the body- including your skin, blood cells, kidney, brain, heart and lungs. There are multiple forms and types of lupus, no two cases are the same. Studies show that lupus results from a mixture of your genetics, hormones, and climate. There are certain potential triggers such as sunlight,…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Being An Athlete

    AN ATHLETE 'S HEART Everyone knows normal daily exercise is beneficial to the heart. It helps reduce the risk of heart disease, reduces weight, lowers blood pressure, and improves cholesterol. A difference in the appearance of the heart can be seen between normal exercise and those of highly trained athletes. Athletic hearts undergo cardiac remodeling of chambers and physiological changes because the heart is working harder to pump blood to the rest of the body during extreme physical activity…

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  • Unit 1 Assignment 1 Professional Integration

    components of the shoulder I do not feel confident in. A few reasons I chose the cardiovascular system are arterial blood gas volumes, pharmacology, and some of the test procedures. The concepts that are the most clear to me is the anatomy of the heart, most of the pathologies pertaining to the cardiovascular system, the pathology of the airway of the lungs, percussion and postural drainage procedures, airway clearance and coughing techniques, gait patterns and gait terminology, lower…

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