Story Of An Hour By Kate Chopin: An Analysis

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What is the title of the text and what is the text about?

The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin relates about a woman suffering from a heart condition, whose husband just died. Some relatives try to tell her the news in a careful way, to make sure her heart wouldn't give up on her. At first, she cries inconsolably, but then she retires to her room and locks herself in. Although she is aware that her husband loved her very much, and she knows that she will certainly cry for him at his funeral, she's soon overwhelmed by a strange feeling of happiness and freedom. She feels that her husband had been imposing his will upon her, and even if she knows he did it with good intentions, she cannot help but feeling happy to have broken free from that burdensome yoke. In the end, she comes out of the room just when
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How do I know?

The author's proposes valid evidence to support her claims. Although it may be argued that she was a pioneer in her views, since she lived in the 1800s, contemporary literature on relationships provides sound support for the author's ideas. The tendency of people to live for their partner, rather than for themselves, is widely recognized, since many people use sentences such as “I can't live without you” to convey the magnitude of their love to their partner (Smith, 2015). Nowadays, however, the importance of maintaining independence and developing an individual identity within a relationship is well understood (Smith, 2015).
Gionta (as cited in Tartakovsky, 2013) argues that when partners try to impose their values or views on their significant others, the latter may perceive a sense of discomfort or even resentment, due to the violation of their boundaries. In her story, Chopin identifies these problems and make her protagonist acutely aware of them, and apparently unable to set proper boundaries within her relationship, that while loving and caring, appears to be also suffocating.

Is the evidence relevant? How do I

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