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  • Themes In The Giver

    A Perfect World Full Of Mistakes Imagine being in a perfect world since birth , where no one endures pain, suffering, starvation, or the depth of emotions. Everyone is the same, happy, and equal so that order and peace may last forever. In The Giver by Lois Lowry, Jonas, a special young boy, resides in a perfect utopia where their lives are planned out for them. At the Ceremony of Twelve, the Twelves will part ways and start training for the assigned jobs where they will work until they enter…

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  • Gabrielle Douglas: A Successful Gymnast

    gymnastics classes at age six (Brian). Gabby first started training gymnastics at Excalibur (Hill). Gabby won the Virginia State gymnastics Championship when she was just eight years old (Brian). Gabrielle Douglas says “I’d been dreaming of an Olympic gold medal since I was eight” (Douglas…

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  • Ayn Rand's The Giver

    Riding a bicycle in an open meadow, a clear sky, the perfect weather. You squint for a few seconds and then you see your school; the best learning environment for you to become nourished with knowledge and earn a job without difficulty. There is always a spot for you, no matter what scenario, to start your life and continue to live in euphoric joy without any stumbling block in your way. The world of Jonas looks perfect, but nothing can be, just like any other thing. But all the citizens don’t…

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  • Tale Of Despereaux: Movie Analysis

    of the setting, how are they creating a representation of the characters, how do these images impact their experience while reading? Many of these important aspects are taken oven by the director when a book is transferred into a movie. The Newbery Medal winner book, The Tale of Despereaux, was originally written in 2003 by Kate DiCamillo and was converted into a movie in 2008 by Sam Fell and Robert Stevenhagen. While comparing these two it is important to notice the changes in plot, the…

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  • Chapter 9-11 Summary

    Chapters 9-11: In chapter 9 the people post signs in the elevator: 1) Sydelle wants her copy of the will returned. 2) Grace will offer a reward for her lost cross. 3) Someone stole Turtle's Mickey Mouse clock 4) Flora lost a pearl necklace, 5) go to the Hoos' restaurant, 6) six more "clues" have been found and Turtle's a brat 6) Judge Ford's having a party that night, and 7) Turtle should be home by 7:30 and 8) that anyone who wants to share clues should meet in the coffee shop. When Turtle…

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  • Similarities Between The Giver And Modern Day Society

    Utopia, an imagined place and state of being in which everything is perfect. Jonas’s society is a utopia unlike modern day society. In The Giver they have celabrate birthdays, create families, and establish laws and rules somewhat like modern day society, yet both societies practice these things differently. A birthday is a celebration of age, This is shown in both the Giver and modern day society we celebrate birthdays. However we celebrate it very different. In The Giver all of the…

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  • The Giver, By Lois Lowry

    Confused World The dystopian society described in the book, The Giver, written by Lois Lowry, makes their world different and unique from others.The similarities in their world does not help them see the difference, and changes in things. The color gray is the only color that the society sees due to color blindness. The people are blinded from many things not only physically, but mentally as well. This characteristic makes the world different from Earth. Jonas is always wondering about what…

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  • Individuality And Mebiting In Feed By M. T. Anderson

    Feed, by M. T. Anderson, is a science fiction novel set in the future, about 100 years ahead of present day. The cast resided in the United States while it was crashing to its demise, unbeknown to the population. In this dystopian country almost all of the citizens have ‘feeds’, an advanced style of the internet, implanted directly into the user’s brain. It has become such a necessity to life that if someone were to live without the feed, they would be seen as an outcast. Feed follows a group of…

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  • The Giver Color Analysis

    How many freedoms would you give up for a peaceful society? In The Giver, the author fills our imaginations with a community where color, emotions, and choices of your own are nowhere to be found. The Giver is about a twelve year old boy named Jonas, who lives in the emotionless, colorless place called The Community. Twelves are given jobs on their communal birthday, but instead of receiving a job, Jonas starts his training with a man called The Giver, to become the new Receiver of Memory, which…

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  • How Can Music Affect Your Life

    Albert Einstein once said, "Life without playing music is inconceivable... I get most joy in life out of music." Music has been known to bring people joy, but can it bring people success? Music had been a constant in today’s society, whether it be through a computer, mp3, phone, or on the radio. Music is heard all throughout the world, and what is not known about it, is that it can enhance ones athletic ability. Music impacts athletic preparation and performance in five ways: dissociation,…

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