Tale Of Despereaux: Movie Analysis

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When reading children's literature it is very important to put yourself into the shoes of a child. What are they imagining when they read a description of the setting, how are they creating a representation of the characters, how do these images impact their experience while reading? Many of these important aspects are taken oven by the director when a book is transferred into a movie. The Newbery Medal winner book, The Tale of Despereaux, was originally written in 2003 by Kate DiCamillo and was converted into a movie in 2008 by Sam Fell and Robert Stevenhagen. While comparing these two it is important to notice the changes in plot, the representations of characters and settings, the choice of audio, and how all of these will affect the viewer. …show more content…
This movie will be enjoyable for kids and invoke their sense of imagination when watching the soup man and seeing the underground dungeon. The movie will also give viewers an insight into human behavior with respect to betrayal, jealousy, and revenge. The movie made a great use of the lines and shapes throughout. Sharp lines were used in the underworld to convey evil and also dark colors were used here as well. This is in opposition to the smooth lines and shape and bright colors used everywhere else. The value in this movie is fairly high, the images are created using CGI so they look fairly realistic but definitely would never be mistaken as real. The space in the movie was also high, the depth in the images looked real. There is not a constant point of view, it constantly changes orientation, height, and distance. This is to allow the viewer to have the best view of the scene, rather that is directly in front of a characters face or above the entire setting looking down. The composition between all of the elements also went together nicely and nothing seemed out of place. The choice of media is obviously an hour and a half CGI movie. This is a good average movie length and the use of CGI rather than other alternatives is also good. While it may have been cool to see real humans, adding in only certain CGI elements would not have worked

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