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  • What Are The Four Heuristics Of Decision Making

    Summary In Dan Kahneman’s an Israeli-American psychologist notable for his work on behavioural economics, stated in his book, “Thinking Fast and Slow,” that the brain has two systems. These systems are referred to as System 1 “The Fast Thinker” and System 2, “The Slow Thinker”. System 1 operates automatically, intuitively, involuntary, and with little or no effort. System 2 however, operates slowly. It requires slowing down to deliberate, solve problems, reason, complete complex computations,…

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  • Summary Of My Meta-Program

    Practitioner in 1985 (specific French diploma). Later, as I became “NLP addict”, I (covertly) used NLP in my Ph.D. in Psychology (Université de Lille III, France, 1993-1998), studying how the content of propositional (digital) and analogue representations frame the structure of human reasoning and deciding. I developed a model for modeling reasoning and decision processes based on Sternberg’s Cognitive Styles, which are close to meta-programs, and some pure NLP meta-programs. After 10 years in…

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  • Memory Interview

    thing that may interfere with recalling memories from our 2014 trip is that we take this trip to Edisto every summer, so all the different memories may get switched around and confused. Eyewitness testimony is an important area of research in cognitive psychology and human memory and it relates to how I asked my mom and Lisa to recall every memory or event they could from our 2014 Edisto trip (Eyewitness Testimony,…

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  • Analysis Of Everybody Is Stupid Except You, By Nate Kornell

    is Stupid Except You primarily focuses on memory and learning, but at the same time, points out the flaws that humans make when it comes to cognitive capability. The blog posts infer that we as humans are sometimes over-confident in ourselves and tend to underestimate others at the same time… But why?? Everybody is Stupid Except you, by Nate Kornell…

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  • Distributed Practice Vs Massed Practice Essay

    For many years, psychologists, scientists and behavior annalists have lived with the controversy of whether Distributed practice or Massed practice produces better learning. Many discoveries about the mind from cognitive scientist prove that there are certain techniques that improve the memory more than others. A group of rookie scientists decided to ask Dr. Sean Kang which is an assistant Professor and also Director of “Cognition and Education Lab located at Dartmouth College, about which is…

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  • Essay On Eyewitness Inaccuracies

    What are the main factors of eyewitness inaccuracies? Eyewitness accounts are one way that police, judges, and many authorities in power use in order to find perpetrators and convict them. However many of the times people are wrongly convicted because the victim or witness was positive that they had seen the suspect there or that they were the one’s committing the crime. Of course there are many ways such as DNA, video proof, finger prints in order to determine if a person truly is guilty and…

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  • Eyewitness Model

    judgments in eyewitness identification." Law and Human Behavior 35 (5): 364-380. Accessed September 14, 2016. doi: 10.1007/s10979-010-9245-1. This peer-viewed report, published in the Law and Human Behavior journal, the official journal for the American Psychology-Law Society compares the two decision-making models of judgement, relative and absolute using the WITNESS model (a computerised memory and decision-making model that produces eyewitness response probabilities) in simultaneous and…

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  • Music And Memory Essay

    Music plays an important role in people’s daily life. Previous studies suggest that music positively affects people’s cognitive performance especially working memory. Many college students read, do homework or prepare for exams while listening to music. Background music is an important environmental factor in our learning context that may have impact on our attention span and later recall of information. However, whether background music serves as a distractor or enhancer on memory remain an…

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  • Autobiographical Memory

    Perception Imagine driving down the road and what seems to be coming towards you is a giant black puddle. The puddle keeps transforming in to different shapes as the sun reflects different levels of brightness on the road. You look around and see that it is not raining and you wonder why you would be seeing a puddle. As your car gets even nearer to the puddle suddenly the puddle disappears and all you see is the hot black pavement. This is when you realize that you were not seeing a puddle at…

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  • Hebbian Theory

    twenty minutes and refresher courses as opposed to continuous duration courses, as the benefits of mental rehearsal has been found to decline and stagnate over time. Specific variables considering both the musician and tasks, such as manner of task, cognitive or physical, as well as the level of expertise of the musician, must be taken into consideration. Overall mental rehearsal may be a benefit to musicians, though considerations must be made both regarding strategy of use and its relevance to…

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