Cognitive psychology

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  • Secondary Appraisal

    believes I can do it so why even try” and, “Why should I risk it when my chances are slim” indicate negative secondary appraisal. Although primary and secondary appraisals are the main stress that we come across, stress doesn’t always happen with cognitive appraisal. An instance when this may happen is when a person is involved in a sudden disaster, such as an earthquake, or tornado or some sort or natural disaster where they don’t really have time to think about what is happening they still…

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  • Carl Rogers Person Centered Theory

    Carl Rogers developed the person-centered theory, his major focus is on an individual’s “humanistic” abilities and their need to belong through “self-actualization” meaning that it “focuses less on diagnosing” because it works to lead the client/patient to be autonomous (independent) on themselves that may help them and those around their social circle too (Barclay, 2016, p. 127). According to Kass (2015), Rogers understood that people grow and develop in accordance with their personality traits…

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  • Sports Psychology In Touch Football

    1 Sports psychology is the science that applies the principles of psychology to sport. Psychology is the study of the mind, metal processes and behaviour. The principles of psychology are often used by athletes and coaches to improve and refine performance, and to give athletes and team an edge over their competitors. (Hede et al, 2011, Pg2) SLIDE 2 - What are you going to do in this presentation? In this presentation I will be presenting my discoveries of the use of Sports psychology…

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  • My CEGEP Personal Statement

    until my forth and last semester at John Abbott College, I wanted to become a psychologist. I did my first three semesters in commerce however, for my last one, I switch profiles and did social science with math. My initial plan was to go into psychology at either McGill University or Concordia University and this is why I changed profiles. My goal was to…

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  • Inside Out Movie Review Essay

    throughout Riley’s conscious and subconscious Joy discovers that Sadness is essential so that Riley can feel Joy. At the end of the movie, Joy and Sadness make it back to the control center and Riley can once again feel her entire range of emotion. As a psychology major, this film really intrigued me. I was a generally happy child like most, but I was also fortunate enough to have parents that taught me that it is ok to cry, get angry, be envious, fear things – so long as I had a balance. On the…

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  • Attitudes Predict Behaviour

    couple were different. Another factor affecting behaviour is intentions. Intentions are quite important when it comes to predicting behaviour. In fact, they are far more influential that attitudes. For example, a psychology student who has a negative attitude toward cognitive psychology also has…

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  • Social Structural Perspective: The Conception Of Human Empowerment

    Conception of human empowerment has been used across various fields such as community psychology, nursing, social work and management over the last two decades(). Traditionally, there are two theoretical perspectives when approaching empowerment: social-structural and psychological(). When presenting the social-structural perspective, you are…

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  • Curiosity In The Brain

    further my knowledge and increases the need to delve deeper into and explore such interesting areas of psychology and neuroscience and how it all links to mental health. Alternatively, psychological and neurological changes can also improve cognitive…

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  • The Importance Of Aviation Psychology

    depth into psychology to know what it is really about, but the claim that psychology is just a counseling degree is hindering a lot of jobs that is in the psychology field. It’s very interesting to hear people responses when I ask them what comes to mind when they hear the word psychology and majority of the people responded counseling. I didn’t know that so many people in society were ignorant when it comes to psychology and the things you can do with a psychology degree. Psychology itself…

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  • Brain Processing Theory

    of sleep the brain involuntarily constructs a series of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations, parallel to brain activity in several regions of the brain that control our cognitive processes. Because these parts of the brain are constantly being stimulated, there is reason to believe that dreaming has an effect on our cognitive development. After investigating the current available research, it has been demonstrated that there is some correlation between neurological developments and dreaming.…

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