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  • Marijuana Island Margarita Research Paper

    An amazing marijuana edible recipe! Cooking up marijuana edibles can be fun, but if you’re only sticking to cookies and brownies you’re denying yourself of a whole wide world of amazing goodies. Check out this amazing and original cannabis recipe that you can drink along with friends and that will leave everyone feeling fantastic! The marijuana island frozen margarita! Weather hanging out with friends after work or on vacation in a far away exotic locale, the margarita is a staple drink…

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  • Personal Narrative-Kat Kardashian

    meet Kat so I decided to go to a mall near her house. I grabbed my gray fluffy sweatshirt and slipped on a pair of black tennis shoes. Once I arrived at the mall, I noticed it smelled like an assortment of perfumes and coffee. I walked into a Squarebucks and ordered a muffin and a coffee, After about an hour of waiting at the Squarebucks, I was losing hope, just as I was packing up my laptop, Kat strutted into the bright,…

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  • Sugary Drink Soda

    Everybody loves something that’s bad for them, it’s human nature. Nobody’s perfect and everybody has their weaknesses. Whether it’s having a cup of coffee to start one’s day, smoking a cigarette to relieve the stress, or simply just having a sugary drink to please the taste buds. Soda is very bad and harming to the human body and should be replaced by water. Soda can cause type 2 diabetes, obesity, high blood sugar, and even cancer. It acts like a drug to the human body, yet drinking it is…

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  • Starbucks New Product Line Essay

    two years we will create at least 10 Starbucks Signature Coffee Cocktails and introduce them to all current Starbucks Evenings locations. After first year, we plan to increase sales by 30% in 3 years. Our projections for first five years are to have at least 15% of our revenue coming from BRICS and we want to gain recognition for Signature Coffee Cocktails and potentially sell them during the day time. We also project to increase sale of coffee cocktails by 10% of retail revenue. Realignment…

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  • Descriptive Essay: The Meatpacking District

    The Meatpacking District is one of my favorite neighborhoods in NYC because of how hip it is and how it is packed with steel and glass lofts, with sun pouring though the oversized windows. It always gives me an electric feeling walking around the cobble streets, looking at the Chelsea Market and walking the High Line. All of that sprightliness is encapsulated perfectly into the Fig and Olive. It has those floor to ceiling windows, that let rays seep in, reinforced by industrial steal framing the…

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  • The Refreshments In Tom Standage's Six Glasses

    To know a history of a simple, everyday item can change the way you view it forever. Without a doubt, even a segment of the most diminutive of things can influence the events of history. Case in point, drinks, as meager as the contemplation is a refreshment is, as meager as it is in the ocean of history on the planet, it has its part. In the history of six glasses, Tom Standage cleared up how six unmistakable refreshments changed the course of history, and how they were accountable for change.…

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  • Marble Slab Case Analysis

    Promoting the grand opening should not be a problem considering the adequate budget of $10,000. It is suggested that Thomas advertise the grand opening by the way of advertisements on bus and direct mail coupons. Using Pattison Outdoor advertisements, Thomas should advertise on both the back and side of buses. Advertising on buses is a great way to reach the entire town, as it will drive through all parts, rich and poor. These advertisements will be very visible to both drivers and pedestrians.…

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  • Alexandria Park Research Paper

    The Grounds of Alexandria is a popular hot spot where residents gather to enjoy some of the best foods, the market area, coffee, and events. Not only can you enjoy some shopping and great food and drink, you are close to the public transportation system where you can hop a ride to other areas of the suburb, the capital city, or another surrounding suburb. The Copper Mill is…

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  • Caffeine Persuasive Speech

    To most of us, our daily coffee, tea or Diet Coke routine is as automatic as breathing. Sure, we know that the stimulating effect of caffeine is part of the equation, but most of us have no idea of the side effects of caffeine are nor how profoundly our buzz of choice has affected our brains. In its purest form, caffeine would be indistinguishable from cocaine and would only take a teaspoon of it to kill you. Now for most of us, our mild addictions won’t put our lives at risk, but this leads…

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  • Essay On Glass Pipes

    Glass pipes are the new formula to enjoy the habit of smoking. Long coats and glass pipes in Sherlock Holmes styles can be the ultimate look to impress everyone. Sometime it's hard to keep the metal pipes in hand for a longtime, as metal gets heated up quickly. Wholesale glass pipes are easily available online. Glass pipes come in different colors like dark blue, black, dark yellow etc. with different types of designs on it. Many smokers think that smoking in glass pipes are more interesting…

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