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  • Mountaineers In Lesile Stephen's The Playground Of Europe

    Europe”, this essay defines the characteristics of those who start at 3:00 A.M. to summit peaks of mountains before noon, braving wind, ice, glaciers, and the lights the Alps have to offer. Stephen compares mountain climbing as a sport to formal sports concluding that the beauty of climbing isn’t that climbers are the fittest or even the most skilled, but that climbers compete for the personal gain of summiting, and win when they complete the mission they set out to do, making hot a noble,…

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  • Between Rock And A Hard Place Book Analysis

    The book Between Rock and A Hard Place by Aron Ralston is a story about a man who was on a hike in Utah and fell down a shallow canyon and got his arm pinned to the canyon wall by a large boulder and being trapped for 127 hours before making his big move to escape the canyon. Three points that are very important in this book are character development, foreshadowing and imagery that relates the the books main point of choices lead to survival. There are many thoughts and decisions that Aron…

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  • Compare And Contrast Hillary And Norgay

    Edmund Hillary and the Sherpa Tenzing Norgay were the first people to climb Mount Everest. The youngest person ever to climb Everest was a 13 year old American boy. A Japanese woman was 73 when she climbed Everest for the second time, and she was the oldest person to do this. There have been over 230 deaths on Everest. People should not rescue mountain climbers who put themselves at risk. First of all, rescuers can also die or get seriously injured (not just the climber) if they are trying to…

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  • Into Thin Air Book Review

    of Everest. He mentions some of the first expeditions as well as particular deaths of climbers that attempted to reach the summit. Here he gives insight to the readers, which I also favored because it allowed one to fully understand the dangers in climbing the treacherous…

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  • Personal Sonnet Explication

    Specifically free climbing, meaning the climber does not use ropes or a harness for support. This is an extended metaphor for love, because love is a risk that can severely hurt a person. This supports the theme of love being a dangerous risk that people take in order to reach…

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  • Davo Karnicar Research Paper

    then there's some people who fail to realize life's not always on your side. But the people that do know that life's not perfect but do something about it, make the most of it. There are only 2 basic ways of climbing mt. everest, one way, is the expedition style and the others Alpine style climbing. Imagine you're finally at the top of Everest, Discovery Channel is broadcasting you over 500 countries while you put your skis on, you brace yourself and look down one last time before you make that…

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  • 'Comparing Jon Krakauer's Thumb And Everest'

    He wasn’t chary about climbing the mountain, he had a lot of confidence. He had help from his friends. His friends helped expedite the process of climbing the mountain. He needed this help because he was blind. In order for him to trust his friends, they must’ve had an unbreakable bond. With the help of his friends, they successfully climb…

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  • Devil's Thumb By John Krakauer: A Literary Analysis

    It is well known that there are many ways to complete an endeavor such as there are multiple ways to get to class. While one may work well for one person it may not work for the other. The same thing occurs when discussing perspective. The mindsets of John Krakauer and Weihenmayer are extremely different. Weihenmayer knew he could not summit Mount Everest on his own. This of course being due to the fact that he is blind whereas Krakauer is not. Krakauer on the other hand decides to summit the…

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  • Descriptive Writing In Into Thin Air By Jon Krakauer

    readers. This is seen Chapter Six when he talks about his problem of balancing between his marriage and his climbing. Jon said that, “my climbing lay at the core of our troubles” and that “Our relationship remained rocky for two or three years”. But eventually, the marriage found its way back together because Linda finally accepted Jon’s fond passion for climbing. Jon even said that climbing was an “immutable aspect of my personality that I could no sooner alter than change the color of my…

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  • Analysis Of Extreme Sports Not About Risk Taking By Rabindranath Tagore

    would associate with a thrill- seeker,” in “Extreme Sports Not About Risk Taking” establishesed that when you do something you have to put something into it or it’s kind of like you do it for nothing. All the hard work you do by crossing that sea or climbing a mountain will be rewarded and not forgotten. Standing and staring at something is only killing time but, not living that time you have…

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