Book Summary: Into Thin Air By Jon Krakauer

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Madeleine Sauter AP English 11 Mrs. Vermillion 19 February 2016
Into Thin Air Summary In the personal account of a Mount Everest climb, Jon Krakauer explores the tragic blunders of the trip that made it unforgettable. Krakauer delves into the details of his trip, while also explaining historical in tells of the famous summit. Though the story had intitially begun with the intention of informing, it had been to inform readers of the average climb of the mountain; however, upon the striking of disaster, the impetus lead Jon Krakauer the opportunity and obligation to write a
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However, shortly into the expedition, the injury of one member caused help to be sought after by the community of the Sherpas who resides on the lower levels of the mountain; this forced the group to remain at a base camp for a prolonged amount of time, allowing nerves to build up- as it turns out, rightfully so. The rest of the journey to the roof of the earth would come without ease. The ascent of the mountain was filled with fear, exhaustion, labored breathing, and death. While reaching the peak of the summit, krakauer and the others had neglected to realize the ominous skies that were over head; the clouds above held dangerous weather and the tragic fate of the eight who would shortly reach their demise before they would reach their initial destination. The descent proved just as difficult and

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