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  • Second Meditation By Rene Descartes Analysis

    Descartes’ belief that the senses are flawed, therefore it is appropriate to use reason. In order to use reason, Descartes argues that clear and distinct ideas must be obtained because all truths are connected to each other. Through analyzing Descartes’ Meditations, this paper aims to prove how exactly how the senses are flawed, can be manipulated, and that reason comes from clear and distinct ideas. In his…

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  • Zinc Acetate Synthesis Lab Report

    acetate, therefore adding another reagent like diethanolamine is not necessary. The result is a clear transparent solution without any precipitations. For both the zinc acetate and zinc nitrate solutions, will be stirred using magnetic stirrer for around 20 min for zinc nitrate and 45 min for zinc acetate, and then leave them for activation for one day. After one day, the zinc nitrate solution is still clear with no precipitations. But for zinc acetate very dense precipitations occurs on the…

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  • Team Reflection Paper

    is unaware about team purpose, and he/she question if they should proceed without understanding the team purpose. Team leader who is also unaware about the purpose agrees about discussing about purpose of meeting. After some discussion it becomes clear…

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  • Bell's To Blame Summary

    Suppose that one were to claim that weak-willed hypocrites have standing to blame, while clear-eyed hypocrites do not. Bell thinks that we should reject such a claim on the grounds of respecting privacy. Her idea is that we can’t know whether someone is engaged in clear-eyed hypocritical criticism without performing an extensive investigation of the critic. However, our moral obligation to respect other’s privacy forbids such investigation…

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  • Aluminum Sulfate Observation Essay

    Reaction # Observations Equation 1 We mixed Aluminum Sulfate with Barium Nitrate in two test tubes. The Barium Nitrate is a clear liquid that had no smell. The Aluminum Sulfate also was a clear liquid with no scent. When mixed, the center of the liquid turned into a milky white precipitate. After 2 minutes the white substance sank to the bottom while the clear liquid sat on top. Al2(SO4)3(aq)+3Ba(NO3)2(aq)--> 2Al(NO3)3(aq)+3BaSO4 (s) 2 First we felt the material of a piece of Magnesium.…

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  • Essential Questions Activity: The Writing Process

    When people have a clear goal in their mind, meanwhile with strong determination and will to accomplish this goal, they can easily give their full concentration on this specific goal. Thus, it develops a strong force of motivation, which is an absolutely necessary factor in…

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  • Examples Of Rene Descartes Dualism

    Descartes' philosophy regarding dualism is one of his most notorious philosophical legacies to this day. He claims the body and mind are entities that operate individually which allows one to exist without the other. It is to say that the mind is a non-extended, thinking entity and the body is extended and non-thinking. His notion evoked a deliberation over the essence of mind and body that stretched throughout hundreds of years. To this day a heated debate occurs about this idea of mind and…

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  • Carlsberg Sustainability Statement

    They have a clear objective that they want to offset emission of some Co2 intensive energy. However, they do not clearly show how they act to get the target achieved in the report. According to Poulsen, Tobiasz, Pattiiha, Stensborg (2014), Carlsberg would purchase the certificate to offset the Co2 emission. With the certificate to prove that Carlsberg use the renewable energy to emit so that they can reduce the Co2 emission. They did not have a clear action on what they have done…

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  • Examples Of Descartes Argument For The Existence Of God

    that something besides him exists by contemplating his idea of God. This essay will explain and assess Descartes’ aetiological and cause of existence arguments for the existence of God by identifying the meaning of existence in this context and the clear and distinct rule, as well as examining each premise and conclusion of the proofs. Finally, this essay shall attempt to evaluate Descartes’ arguments.…

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  • Module 7: Discipline Issues In The Workplace

    the key action to prevent any disciplinary issues are; set clear standards, establish rapport, and create climate of accountability. This concept is most important to me because if used correctly you do not need to worry about having problems in the work center. Of course I have to constantly be checking and communicating with my subordinates. Being on top of communicating with my subordinates…

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