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  • Reflective Essay: The Character Of Scarlet

    I had to be very consistent when building my character’s identities to make them believable. I had to make it clear to my audience, why the character was acting the way they were. I also had to avoid cliches because the audience tends to see cliches as superficial. In term of my characters motivations I wanted to make my main character, Scarlet, not know how to live independently or act politely around people. Therefore, I created a situation where she was spoiled as a child. Scarlet’s…

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  • Savage Development In Lord Of The Flies

    Although, many readers may think the environment was the reactant for the boys’ savagery and immoral behavior shown in the novel, it is clear that the principal factor for the boys’ savagery were biological factors because our definition of good and bad is what makes us distinctive from animals. The definition of society by the protagonist Ralph and his friend Piggy was clear because they wanted to keep maintaining their civilized side including: survival,…

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  • Sit 4 Life Website Analysis

    conservative color combinations 6. Easy to read text that is short, chunks information, and is simply written 7. Clear, informative links Moreover, I will be sharing my opinion about the website, whether the website contains direct links to product sales, live chat for assistance,…

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  • Iron Determination Lab Report

    accurately with the amounts of foods and substances which we added and record this. We could then work out a percentage for how much non-reducing sugar, sugar, starch or protein is present. I think that this was a good experiment because again we gained clear results. The results we found were conclusive to what we were aiming to find out. However the amounts of sugars, non-reducing sugars, starch and protein were unclear in the results, but this was not what we were aiming to find from the…

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  • Why Do Students Lack Willpower To Succeed In College?

    Why students lack willpower to succeed in college? Life is all about the decisions one makes as an individual. Some may lack willpower while others may be stronger at maintaining what they need to accomplish. Willpower is knowing your strength and ability to overcome something and get it done. As a student, one has the decision to stay in school and do well, stay in school and be focused, or quit school overall. What I’ve witnessed through this semester of college is, many students tend to…

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  • Classical Conditioning Examples

    Classical Conditioning Classical conditioning is when a neutral stimulus comes to bring about a response after it is paired with a stimulus that naturally brings about that stimulus. Operant condition is learning in which a voluntary response is strengthened or weakened, depending on its favorable consequences. Whether we realize it or not, we tend to be exposed to both classical and operant conditioning on a daily bases. Many examples of both of these conditions can be derived from media.…

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  • Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment Plan

    performance and role-playing can help them practice these difficult social interactions (Youse, 2002). You will need to work in conjunction with their family to understand their home environment. This can be done by asking the family questions and give them clear throughout demonstrations on how to help their loved one with the traumatic brain…

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  • The Importance Of Self Reflection Process

    significant to me because of my current position in my industry in which I am responsible for taking the vision and purpose of the organization and getting my staff on board easily. Making sure that the employees understand our community by providing clear and concise documentation make it stronger and improve on streamlining processes to make better business…

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  • President Bush's Speech Analysis

    War is a big impactful event that has happened a large amount of times during the course of history. It is a big decision that many presidents have to think carefully of doing. The speech mentioned today is by our forty-third president, George Bush. In the speech called “President Bush's Speech on Iraq,” (Bush, 2006) he makes the hard decision of announcing war against Iraq. The reason he decided to give this speech was because of Iraqi soldiers who invaded Kuwait, an oil rich country. Then the…

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  • Kantian And Ubuntu Ethics: The Nazi At The Door Case

    faced with moral dilemmas. Although many different schools of thought have attempted to define the most appropriate code of ethics for humans I chose to focus on the Kantian and Ubuntu moral theories. The basis of Kantian morality is that there are clear and simple moral truths that dictate our actions, while Nussbaum (2003) states that Ubuntu morality focuses on a person’s existence within a community as a basis for moral decisions (Kant & Gregor, 1998). By using the “Nazi at the door” dilemma…

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