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  • Who Cares Speech Reflection

    where we live. I then gave them a short and clear preview of what I would be talking about in my speech and stated my thesis so that it would be easier to understand and follow.…

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  • Conflicts In Corrections

    Rehabilitation is an attempt to restore a convicted offender to a constructive place in society through training or therapy (Clear et al, 2016). Incapacitation is to deprive the offender of having the ability to commit crimes, usually by detainment (Clear et al, 2016). Lastly, retribution is inflicting punishment on an individual who has chosen to violate the rights of others (Clear…

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  • Domain 3 In The Classroom

    Domain three focuses on the actual instruction on the class, what and how the teacher is teaching. Domain three has five sub-components, which are: “communicating with students, using questioning and discussion techniques, engaging students in learning, using assessment in instruction, and demonstrating flexibility and responsiveness.” Each of these sub-domains are broken down further into components, to better explain the sub-domains further. Domain three explains how to use the preparation…

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  • The Year You Make Travel Happen Analysis

    Travel Happen aims to change those ideas. While the post is about urging people to travel more it is clear there is a deeper purpose lying underneath this post and the hundreds of others the author writes. 2017: The Year You Make Travel Happen wants more people to travel because the author sees it as a public service to encourage people to partake in something that has brought him so much joy. It is clear from this post that the author is a very passionate traveler and what he wants more than…

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  • A Worn Path Reflection

    As I reflect at the end of this semester on my work in your Grammar Strategies class, I can see clearly how much I have improved as a writer. I have learned to notice my strengths and weaknesses and to learn from all of them. I engaged in several assignments and the feedback that I received from you. I have learned from critical reading how to recognize an author`s purpose by analyzing the evidence that the author provides in his/her text. To understand the tone of the text by categorizing…

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  • Natural Indicators Lab Report

    pieces in a 150-mL beaker. 3. Cover the sample with water or isopropyl alcohol. Use a minimum amount of solvent (approximately 50 mL). 4. After 15 minutes, decant or filter the mixture into a clean, 100-mL beaker. The indicator solution should be clear, not cloudy. Label your beaker and store overnight as your instructor says. Day 2, Part 2: Determining How pH Affects Your Indicator 5. Your instructor has set up 11 solutions with pH 2-12. Put 5 drops of each substance in your well…

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  • Incapacitation Or Deterrence?

    strictly punishment I seek to discover if there is a better way. According to Todd Clear and Natasha Frost (2014) by the year 2002 the penal system of the United States had exceeded two million inmates. Furthermore, according to the statistics laid out in their book The Punishment Imperative after the turn of the millennium roughly 5 million Americans had spent time in the penal system (Clear and Frost 2014). Worst of all they estimate that…

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  • Teach 3: Basis Of My Microteaching Experience

    For the purpose of this reflection I have chosen my individual lesson plan teach 3 as the basis of my microteaching experience. I believe that this artefact will show my achievement in the learning outcome for setting clear, challenging and achievable expectations for pupils. Throughout this final write up I will be providing a detail description of the coloration between my individual lesson plan teach 3 and the above learning outcome. I also intend discuss my understanding of the relationship…

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  • Dualism And The Cogito Argument By Rene Descartes

    In the first passage, proposed by Rene Descartes in his sixth meditation, the argument is circulated around the ideal that the mind, being a thinking thing, is separately existing from the body, being an extended thing. The notion of a "clear and distinct perception" is also formed by stating that if God exists, it is incompatible with his nature that he can deceive due to the conception that God is a supremely perfect being. This is developed as the theory of dualism which, by the dependence of…

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  • Reflection Of Paul

    He describes the opposition the natural world will have towards God and His will. He gives clear words that God is the Creator of our world, assigning Him as the cause. Paul states that the creation of the world itself is God’s way of showing His invisible qualities (Romans 1:18-21). He did this to show Himself to us and there are people who will choose to neglect giving glory to God and/or recognize Him for what they have in thankfulness. Paul recognizes the problem with the natural world is…

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