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  • Personal Essay: The Evolution Of The Cedar Tree

    The cedar tree has lived on planet earth for thousands of years, watching the evolution which has taken place to bring us to current day. Standing tall at heights of up to 150 feet, the cedar tree takes pleasure in the beauty of it’s surroundings. The cedars are known for their networks of strong roots which go deep beneath the ground, as well as their strong trunks which protect them from anything mother nature has in mind. Cedar wood has also been extremely useful to the people, and has been used for centuries in boats, houses, and hunting tools. I am a cedar tree. I stand tall above the people in my grade at 6’2, and enjoy the serenity and the beauty of nature. I have many strong friendships and a tight connection with my family which has given me a very powerful foundation. I am also very intelligent, and my quick thinking and insights can be useful to an array of different…

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  • Cedar Point Narrative

    My first time at Cedar Point It was June 6th, 2016, the end of my eighth-grade year at TKMS, I woke up, at 5:30, jumped out of bed, got dressed, ate, and yelled at my mom to get in the car, all by 6:20. But of course we weren’t even close to ready, and we didn’t even need to leave until 7:30. So after reluctantly going back inside, to pack a spare pair of clothes, sunscreen, and our tickets (which we almost forgot), we were finally ready to go and it was already 7:40, “MOM!!!” I yelled…

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  • Cedar Point Amusement Park

    Cedar Point amusement park is a place so wonderful and exciting that it is known around the world for its wide array of rides and attractions. Just like the towering roller coasters and thrilling drop tower rides that dominate the skyline and penetrate the sky high above the lakeshore, the park stands out among all others across the globe. The massive hills and loops of winding steel stand for not only a thrill seeker’s dream and marvels of human ingenuity and engineering, but also represent the…

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  • Descriptive Essay On Cedar Point

    different, and been truly led to believe that Michigan Adventure was the best place in the entire world. A Cedar Point commercial features people with a great force being blown upon their faces contorting their features, whilst powerful music plays in the background. The funny facial expressions from the people, who are presumably on a roller coaster, cause amusement and catch your attention for the rest of the commercial. Footage is then played that shows the rollercoasters at the park while…

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  • Analysis Of David Guterson's Snow Falling On Cedars, And East Of Eden

    The United States has had a reputation for being a country with racial diversity and tolerance. Throughout the years, the United States has been overall proud of the racial diversity. The country’s foundation was built upon the work of immigrants. However, as history shows, the the United States has treated incoming immigrants, and Americans of a different racial background in horrific manners. Throughout the years, people of a non white lineage are seen as the minority of a power thirsty…

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  • Analysis Of Snow Falling On Cedars

    Snow Falling on Cedars is an artful, emotional, and thrilling adaptation of David Guterson’s novel of the same name. It is about more than just a simple murder trial. The movie appeals to viewers’ logic, ethics, and emotions and leaves them wondering at every turn of the story. Snow Falling on Cedars first appeals to logic. It’s appeal to logic comes from hard evidence and the lack thereof within the film. One is never completely sure who committed the crime because the facts are not…

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  • Cedar Cove Reflection

    As an avid supporter of Hallmark 's Cedar Cove show, I connected with practically all of the actors involved with the series. As a result, as they have moved onto other ventures, I have been blessed enough to interview almost all of them. It was such an honor to speak with Anna Van Hooft (Linette) earlier this summer. She and I chatted about the highlights of her career, her entrance into the profession, and most importantly, an issue that is close to her heart. wp-1473364589114.png RH: So…

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  • Snow Falling On Cedars

    In what ways have Otsuka's "When the Emperor Was Divine" and the film "Snow Falling on Cedars" enhanced your understanding of the internment of Japanese Americans? Otsuka’s “When the Emperor Was Divine” and the film “Snow Falling on Cedars” helped enhanced my knowledge of the internment of Japanese Americans by offering me a new perspective into the everyday lives of Japanese Americans and taught me the importance of having this broadened perspective. All too often, history is told from the…

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  • The Importance Of Flooding In Cedar Rapids

    In Cedar Rapids, Iowa, ten inches of rain fell. One major concern of all the rain was the Cedar River. Thousands of people had to evacuate because of the river flooding at twenty-two feet. City workers, contractors, volunteers and National Guard troops built temporary walls, levees and they laid down 250,000 sandbags to try and prevent any major flooding. The temporary barriers that were put up seemed to prevent major flooding, but the people who live around there are still being advised to stay…

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  • The Decline Of The Yellow Cedar Tree

    In this set of materials, the reading passage states the reasons for the decline of the yellow cedar tree and provides three reasons of support. While in listening, the professor opposes the reading passage and says that the reasons are inadequate. He also refutes each of the author’s reasons. First of all, the reading passage claims that the decline of the cedar trees is due to the infestation with the cedar bark beetle, since the larva can eat the tree wood. However, the professor counters…

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