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  • Sadistic Women

    Evil and Sadistic SS Women When people think of sadistic killers during the Holocaust they think of men; What about their female counterparts? Many of these women were stationed in concentration camps. Some of the female members of the SS were more sadistic than male members. Herta Bothe is one of the three sadistic women spoken of in the Bergen Belsen trials. Bothe was born on January 3rd 1921 (Source Bergen Belsen Trial Transcript) in Tete, Mecklenburg. Bothe had done house work until 1940 (Source Bergen Belsen Trial Transcript).Herta Bothe was stationed in Bergen Belsen in 1945. From her own account she had arrived late February 20th-26th 1942 but it was not till mid-march was she put in charge of the wood Kamando. From eye witness reports during the trials Bothe was known to be brutal and beat prisoners without mercy (Jewish Virtual Library). One witness Sala Schifferman who had testified against Bothe said “I had seen her beating a 18-year-old girl to death for eating peelings in the kitchen.” She had recalled Bothe saying “I will beat her to death.” That had happened when the girl was later declared dead by camp doctors (Jewish Virtual Library) Luba Triszinska who also testified against Bothe said “Both had beaten internees with wooden sticks and inevitably causing their deaths.” Herta Bothe was proven guilty during the Bergen Belsen trials. Botha's sentence of ten years in prison has satisfied the people who had survived her intense and brutal beatings. Herta…

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  • Sor Juana Ines De La Cruz Essay

    of them. Thousands of relationships could not have reached the level of acceptance they are at now, merely because of gender, and thousands of women and girls may have never had the opportunity to have an education without her. In a world absent of Sor Juana, this research paper may have never been written at all, on the basis of the author’s sex. Her experience with same-sex relationships, her feminist ideals, and her will for learning contribute to Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz’s defiant nature,…

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  • Summary: The Most Terrifying Women Of The Holocaust

    The Most Terrifying Women of The Holocaust Take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, not the tormented (Elie Wiesel. The SS women, one could say was the most notorious creatures to ever live. SS women are the main reason why some of the people could have survived didn’t, because they killed them. The lives the women had at the concentration camps and before. Juana Bormann joined in 1939 to “earn money”. She was very abusive,…

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  • Hitler: The First Guilty Women By Paul Roland

    typing up orders facilitation the robbery, deportation, and mass murder of Jews (Lower, 2013, pp. 55). They did this with the knowledge that they were contributing to the goal of total extermination of the Jews. One secretary, Liselotte Meier, participated in the planning of massacres and was present at several shootings. Witnesses describe her as the most knowledgeable person they knew, “better informed than many officials in the station.” Meier also joined her colleagues on Sunday morning…

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