Cricothyroid ligament

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  • Cricothyrotomy Research Paper

    Now everything has been accounted for the cricothyroid membrane needs to be found again. After the membrane has been found again place one hand on the trachea. Being sure that you are as gentle but firm as possible. Gently clean the site with alcohol wipes. Cleaning in a circular motion from the inside out. Never going over the same area twice. Grab the scalpel and steady your hand with your pinky on the patient’s chest. The first incision must be done vertically about an inch and a half long. Only cutting the skin. While still holding the trachea takes the scalpel and turn it horizontally. Apply enough pressure to puncture the membrane but be cautious not to go to deep and damage the vocal folds. Swap the scalpel for the trachea hook. Insert the trachea hook gently and keep the sharp end…

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  • Wrist Joint Case Study

    The wrist or carpus is a highly mobile structure composed of many small bones and joints. In the anatomy of the human hand, a total of 13 bones form part of the wrist- eight carpal bones- scaphoid, lunate, triquetral, pisiform, trapezium, trapezoid, capitate and hamate; and five metacarpal bones which are joined along with two long bones of the forearm- the radius and the ulna (Platzer 2004). This complex system of articulations works in unison to provide a global range of motion for the wrist…

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  • Short Essay On English Foxhound

    English Foxhound The English foxhound is of compelling form, with extensive bone. The measure of bone at the lower leg is considered particularly imperative. This fabricate, alongside nearly straight angulation of the smothers, favors stamina over rate. The rich, profound voice is prized for the chase. Numerous English foxhounds have "adjusted" ears, in which around 1 " are surgically expelled from the end of the ear. Customarily a pack dog, the English foxhound in any case makes a stately…

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  • Zygomatic Bone Case Study

    divided 1cm above the zygomatic arch into superficial layer of temporal fascia that is attached to the lateral surface of the zygomatic arch, and a deep layer of temporal fascia that is attached to the medial wall of the zygomatic arch. The frontal branch of the facial nerve runs within the content of the superficial layer of the deep temporal fascia (Hwang & Kim, 1999). An attempt to expose the fracture site of the zygomatic arch, an incision should be made below the superficial layer of the…

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  • Skeleton Model Research Paper

    Briefly identify and discuss bones of the pectoral and pelvic girdles as well as their attached limbs associated with skeleton models found in your text. The pectoral griddle contains: 2 clavicle bones (known as collarbones that brace the scapula and arms making up the shoulder); and 2 scapula bones (known as the shoulder blades functioning as a stabilizer and provides movement of the shoulder). The attachments of the upper extremity from the pectoral area includes: 2 humerus (these are the…

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  • Capitate Research Paper

    centre of the distal carpal row. A distinctive head shaped bone, it has a protected position in the carpus. The capitate is the site of a number of ligamentous attachments and articulations. Gross anatomy Osteology The capitate sits in a proximo-distal direction, with a waist that is proximal to the transverse midline. The head of the capitate sits proximally into the space allowed by the lunate and scaphoid bones of the proximal carpal bone row. Proximally, the capitate has rounded…

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  • Elbow Injury Research Paper

    Opening: Every day, our elbows are used a lot in many ways. Although elbows pain are not really serious, it can make you frustrating and make your activities more inconvenient. Body: How is the elbow designed? - The elbow, in essence, is a joint which is formed by the union of three major bones is supported by ligaments. Connected to the bones by tendons, muscles move those bones in several ways. The bones that create the elbow are included:  Humerus: This long bone extends from the shoulder…

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  • Elbow Joint Research Paper

    motion. Which results in injury to the ligament, bones, and structures of the bones. It can cause dislocation and fractures, can occur during sports and any physical activity can causes the elbow to bend back with force put on it. This causes the ligaments to be stretched or torn (Strain) or bones to collide into each other. Symptoms may include: pain during movement, muscle spasm, swelling, loss of arm strength, skin around elbow to be blotchy, and maybe even deformation may be seen. Another…

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  • Hip Resurfacing Lab Report

    A Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR) prosthesis is a medical device used for partial hip replacement surgery. The Birmingham Hip Resurfacing device is used to provide stability and mobility for patients with hip pain and joint deterioration. The implant contains two parts, both made of Cobalt-Chromium alloy. The top portion of the implant is spherical, which looks like half of a ball, with a thin cylindrical stem that branches out of the spherical piece. The parts are the acetabular cup and the…

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  • Wwlash Injury

    Whiplash Every year, millions of Americans have whiplash injuries. Neck pain is common after an accident, but some people do not experience symptoms immediately after the injury. The symptoms may arise hours, days or weeks after the accident. Regardless of when the symptoms occur, you will need treatment for your injuries. This information will give you a deeper understanding of whiplash injuries. What is Whiplash? Your neck is flexible, but it does have limits. It is connected to your spine,…

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