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  • Essay On Innocence Of Child Soldiers

    Innocence is the lack of corruption, it is purity. One of the things that come to mind when you think of innocence is children. Children are unaware of the horrors of the world and they are still pure in mind and spirit. As kids in America we were very lucky to be able to have our innocence for as long as we can. However, in countries like Sierra Leone they are not given a choice, they lose their innocence at a very young age. Children in Sierra Leone and other areas around the world can be as little as 5 and have seen someone they know get their head blown off. It is something that can really affect a young child’s development. These children are also exposed to massive amounts of drugs, including snorting “brown brown” which was a combination of cocaine and gunpowder. These children not only saw horrific things and did awful drugs, they sometimes have to partake in the madness and become child soldiers. Imagine as a young kid, being 7-8 years old shooting an AK-47. That is incomprehensible for a child in America. In America a child here plays Cowboys and Indians, or plays the latest call of duty, in a country like Sierra Leone those games are all to real and the losers die, there is no re spawn in real life. Children in the U.S and other areas worry about things like getting the new toy and in countries like Sierra Leone they worry about if this is their last day on Earth., Sierra Leone is not the only place that has child soldiers, this is a worldwide…

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  • Importance Of Diversity In The Military

    sign persons enlisted compared to officer in many cases. Also to take into consideration would be their ASVAB scores to initially even have them eligible for the military. And there is data that suggests that minorities do score lower on certain tests. So either the military would have to lower their standards or see why minorities are scoring lower on military based test. The lowering of test standards could definitely be a slippery slope and have some recruits crying foul or even worse reverse…

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  • Homosexuals In The Military Essay

    The armed services consists of four main branches: the army, navy, marine corps, and the coast guard. These are all branches that help protect our country from harm. Unfortunately, these military force groups have the same problem as well as any other work force. You might say that it’s disorganized, or it may be that we have too much or too little in the force. It could be either of those issues at hand, but one of our main issues today is allowing homosexuals to join our military. Many…

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  • Master Duty Commander Case Study

    I only have a few subordinates under my command. I do not think that I am on the level as Alves, but I believe that I have a lot of powerful influence over them. I know I have a long way to go to progress as a leader within my unit. I do plan to gain more power and influence within my unit as my military career progresses. Expertise, personal attraction, effort, and legitimacy are four personal characteristics that are important sources of power (pgs. 288-292). If I follow these…

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  • Jena Gregor Military Women In The Military Analysis

    very limited. McGregor argues that women deserve the opportunity of attaining higher positions in the military. She support her claims when she points out that, with the exception of Iraq where the front line is nonexistent, women have almost never had the opportunity to engage in combat. This supports her claim because it shows that despite the amount of time women have spent in the military, none of them have actually fought in combat which is unfair and demonstrates gender bias. McGregor…

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  • There Is No Glory In War Analysis

    Except, when then shells fall and fighting begins, the older generation knows the mistake of forcing millions of innocent teenagers into the hellish world of war. After the first month of fighting, it was apparent to the soldiers that this was not what they signed up for. Even with the countless amount of training camp hours, nothing could prepare them for the actual battlefield. By forcing these men to fight in horrific ways, they slow turn into animals. This change of state could be seen with…

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  • Military Robotics History

    created the teletanks, they were modified to be controlled by the radio signals. Weather conditions made it pretty tough to use, but their signal reaches roughly five hundred to fifteen hundred meters away. Soon these teletanks were equipped with machine guns, flamethrowers, and a smoke container for smokescreens. Next, it formed the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency which was primarily for developing new technologies to compete with the Soviet Union during the Cold War since they first…

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  • Boot Camp Advantages

    say to get a job, work hard and work your way to the top. It’s fine to be settled with one of the two options, but what benefits are included when starting off? In the United States Armed Forces, one can go to college to obtain a degree and at the same time work hard to make it to the top, and the benefits start once they ship out to boot camp. Now some will use the excuse that they don’t want to die, but one has a better chance of getting in a car accident and dying than they…

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  • The Role Of Women During World War II

    controlled France's prisons. She gave her apartment up to be a safehouse for SOE agents and provided routine intelligence reports to London (Elder). After working with the OSS Hall impacted the war greatly while working for the OSS.With the OSS, Hall was sent back to occupied France, where the Gestapo was still looking for her. This was a very big risk for her to take because if she was caught, she would have been killed. She went undercover, as a milkmaid, she wore baggy clothes and walked…

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  • Military Education: Military Contributions To Adult Education

    According to Kime and Anderson (1997, 2000), today’s U. S. military –literacy related issues were embedded in the recruitment of what they term “college proficient” soldiers who lack basic literacy skills. Upon seeing the success of the original aptitude skills program, the armed forces adopted the Basic Skills Education Program (BSEP) in 1979. The BSEP process addressed the need for “college - bound” soldiers who lack proficiency skills demanded in the new armed forces. Thirty years after its…

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