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  • Alopecia Research Paper

    History Alopecia has likely affected humans for the longest of times, but it has been misunderstood until the modern era. A very common form of unnatural hair loss is Alopecia, which literally means “fox disease” referring to how foxes lose their hair. According to an article by the American Chemical Society (2002), the disease was first described accurately by Cornelius Celsus in 30 CE (Willis 80). Alopecia affects individuals with the disease by attacking their hair follicles. This causes a loss of hair in certain regions and in some cases all over the body. Although knowledge of Alopecia has come a long way, there is still much to learn. This disease can affect anyone regardless of if they are a man, women or child. The disease is not receiving…

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  • Essay On Alopecia Totalis

    When do they get Alopecia Totalis? This malady occurs in children and men and women under the age of 40, but there is no guarantee adults of an older age will not suffer from it as well. As mentioned earlier, it can happen suddenly or over time preceded by Alopecia Areata. Are there treatments for Alopecia Totalis? Treatments include glucocorticoid injections, anthralin, or oral glucocorticoids which are immunomodulations. There are reports that steroid therapy is able to put the malady…

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  • Surgical Hair Restoration

    But they don’t get complete baldness like men instead overall hair thinning is common in women. FUT is a process that helps in removing a strip of hair follicles from the donor area and placing it on the recipient area. Some of the good candidates for FUT hair transplant are women who are suffering from hair loss due to traction alopecia, cosmetic surgery and due to trauma such as scarring from an accident, burn victim, etc. Moreover, women who are suffering from alopecia marginalis can also opt…

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  • Alopecia Research Papers

    Androgenic Alopecia – Basic Cause of Hair Loss Androgenic Alopecia is commonly referred as Male Pattern Baldness in men and Female Pattern Baldness in women. It is the most prevalent cause of hair loss in both men and women but the pattern of hair loss differs in both the sexes. Men usually experience baldness from above the head temples, creating an M-shaped hairline. Hair starts thinning from the centre, leading to partial and sometimes complete baldness. While in women, hairline rarely…

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  • Alopecia Areta Research Paper

    Alopecia Areta is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system mistakenly attacks the hair follicles that are responsible for hair growth leading to hair loss. In this condition, the damage to the hair follicles is not permanent. Alopecia can occur due to various reasons and people of any age can be affected by it. Men or women can be equally affected by this condition. In alopecia, the clumps of hair fall out revealing smooth, round patches on the scalp or other areas of the body. If the…

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  • Cicatricial Alopecia Research Paper

    Hair transplant in cicatricial alopecia Does hair matter? In today’s world, where looks matter for everyone, hair plays an important role in ones image and self esteem. Be it for personal or professional gain, external appearance plays an immense role and hairs are one of the parts that reflect the personality of a person. Loss of hair can burden a person with negative perception of self. Hair loss can occur due to various reasons such as stress, excessive use of harmful product on hairs, due to…

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  • Traction Alopecia Research Paper

    pretty. But did you know that all of that pulling, tugging, and twisting is not good for the hair. It can lead to a condition called Traction Alopecia. Traction Alopecia is a disease that can appear in otherwise healthy people. It is commonly seen with certain hair and braid styles that pulls the hairline forcefully on the scalp. It can effect anyone regardless of age, male, or female. However, it's more common in African-Americans due to constant wearing of wigs, braids, weave, and dreadlocks…

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  • Alopecia Areata Research Paper

    Alopecia Areata Alopecia Areata is a common autoimmune disease that affects the hair growth. Although this disease is only passed through genetics, but it differs from a single-gene disease. Both parents have to contribute a certain number of specific genes in order for their child to get this disease. Because of this it is rarely passed from parent to child. Now for identical twins it is much different. There is a very low chance that both twins will get it. There is only a 55% for each…

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  • Androgens Alopecia In Men: A Major Cause Of Hair Loss

    QUICK BITES Androgens alopecia in men is a major cause of hair loss. Hair in telogenic effluent varies from thinning to the throat. Switching to testosterone in dihydrotestosterone is also one reason. Genetic causes also cause hair loss. MORE What is the relation between thyroid problem and hair fall Health & Fitness Children fall for a number of reasons and there are many types of falls, which are also called Alopecia. As the age increases, both men and women decrease the thickness and density…

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  • Annotated Bibliography On Plastic Surgery

    In the article, testimonies from various women with alopecia are mentioned in order to further explain the psychological and physiological side effects of this condition. According to the research, the average of 95% Australian women with diagnosis of cancer and receiving chemotherapy have poor body image due to alopecia and it was affecting their lives overall. The impact of alopecia on women psychology is widely distributed. Some fear of rejection while some see it as a most traumatic side…

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