Irma Grese

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  • Sadistic Women

    Irma Grese was born to a peasant family of five in 1923. After finishing elementary school Grese went as a untrained nurse in an SS hospital. Grese in 1942 was put in charge of telephone duties in RavensBruck concentration camp. In 1943 Grese was re-assigned to Auschwitz Birkenau where she was assigned to oversee a road construction Kommando( According to witnesses Grese was a former actress and she still had those good looks. The nickname she had gained for her stunning looks was the “Blonde Angel”. Although she was a narcissistic woman she was also known for her brutality. One witness from the road construction Kommando recalls “There was a beautiful woman named Grese who rode her bike. While thousands were standing on their knees in the scorching heat and she took much delight in watching us.” ( During the dreaded and hated selections Grese teamed up with Dr. Mengele. The way the selection went was “naked women went to Dr. Mengele first next Grese finally off to Drechsler.” (Irma Grese degob) Grese was without a doubt a sadist she prefered to hit the faces of the pretty female prisoners with a bullwhip. She had many lovers. The lovers she took were between prisoners and SS guards. Whenever Grese got impregnated she would have a former Hungarian Jewish Doctor abort her…

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  • The Trial Of Helena Grese

    Grese continued on her rampage of torture and death. Dora Szafran testified at the Belsen trail that, “Grese had beaten a girl very severely.” She and the other camp supervisors maintained their daily selections, beatings, and humiliation. She attempted to maintain control in a situation that quickly spiraled out of her control and lead to the complete destruction of the Nazi regime. She extended her reign of terror on to Bergen-Belsen. One victim named Helene Klein stated, “Grese beat them…

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  • The Holocaust: Bergen Belsen

    in the gassing of thousands of Jews at Auschwitz, Juana Borman, was an overseer of both camps and set her dogs to attack prisoners in the fields, Elisabeth Volkebrath, the women in charge of selecting who was put into the gas chambers in Auschwitz, Herta ehlert, was a deputy warden at Bergen Belsen, Irma Grese, beat workers mercilessly and was the most hated person in the camp, Ilse Loike, was originally a forced laborer that was promoted to a guard at Belsen, Hilde Lohbaver, also started out as…

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  • The Nuremberg Trials: Major War Crimes In Vietnam

    After the war ended, many people hoped for a better future. Sadly, world peace would not last. The U.S. and the U.S.S.R. were involved in another war, the Cold War. In 1996, three lawsuits were filed in NYC on behalf of Holocaust victims and their families (The Legacy of the Holocaust, page 58). The lawsuits were filed because the heirs to the deceased were unable to retrieve the assets left behind. The lawsuit was filed against certain Swiss banks (The Legacy of the Holocaust). There were many…

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  • Hitler: The First Guilty Women By Paul Roland

    duty (2013, pp. 21-2). According to Roland, over 3,600 women worked as guards in concentration and extermination camps, only 60 were brought to trial and only 20 executed. These women were armed with wooden clubs that they used to brutalize and they trained dogs to attack defenseless prisoners (2014, pp. 2917). Three of the worst guards were Irma Gese, Elizabeth Volkenrath and Juana Bormann. Volkenrath was known as the most feared guard in her camp, and took delight in beating her prisoners…

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  • Gender Roles In War Effort

    combination with the ghettos and concentration camp to have complete control over the people they were trying to apress. The camps and ghettos held there exploited workers in Hitler’s work force. When deemed not able to work or just random choice those peoples were sent to the killing centers on trains and funneled into gas chambers. As the war continued and the Soviet Union moved German forces back many camps had to be evacuated. This led to death marches, were camp people were forced to walk…

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