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  • Werewolves-Personal Narrative

    Cyprus thought her world had come to an end the night she was attacked in the woods. Her father had her convinced it was a Werewolf attack. There were so many stories about the Werewolves in the woods. People were disappearing and the village people were in a panic. The Werewolves were not the full truth of the missing people, but Cyprus wouldn’t find that out until much later. Oh! She was a Werewolf alright, but it was a deranged Saint that was turning people into Werewolves. After being attacked Cyprus’s parents were scared of her, and made her sleep in the barn. They had an underground food storage area that had only one way in and one way out. Cyprus’s father put a heavy metal door on the underground storage, with chains and a huge lock.…

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  • Mythical Creature Research Paper

    back to the origins of these creature and find out if the stories were true. The first creature are werewolfs.Werewolves are shape shifting humans. These beings take on the form of a wolf hence, the name. Stories of werewolves started in…

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  • The Werewolf Research Paper

    Werewolves, also known as lycanthropes, are humans that posess the ability to shift into different forms. The werewolf, is one of the oldest legends of human monsters in history. The werewolf was a feared creature. They were able to commit monstrous crimes anytime they wanted, all they had to do was shift into their other form. Nobody would expect it to be them if they looked like a wolf. It could be your best friend, your neighbor, your parent, it could be anyone and you wouldn't know. Like…

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  • Essay On Werewolves

    Werewolves’ come in different categories, Alpha, Beta and Omega. Many of these particular icons are seen in films, movies and television. People seem to desire having supernatural creatures playing on their flat screens. Every werewolf, whether male or female both have some type of authority over another Werewolf. Werewolves’ are looked upon as, aggressive, but caring. Society worship the dominant pack to create a sense of pride and leadership. There are plenty reasons to have Werewolves in…

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  • Werewolves: The Life Of A Lycanthrope Wolf

    They are just like vampires and people always start to really wonder if they are real and try to find evidence that they are real. Werewolves have been known to be around and come out when a full moon and also werewolves don’t like salt just like slugs because it’s said to be that it takes all the water out of their body and kills them. The like of thinking that you can and would turn into a werewolf is called “lycanthropy” came from greek or europe it’s just saying that you believe and think…

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  • Vampires Vs Werewolves

    Do fans choose their "team" based on preference for vampires or for werewolves? What comments lead you to believe this? I think that they do not choose their team based on characters because they like some things to attract them. I saw many people watch movies to see what happened and love to watch. I thought that not dependent on based on preference for vampires or for werewolves What attributes of vampires and werewolves lead to this choice? Alternately, do fans choose their "team" based…

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  • The Role Of Werewolves In European-American Culture

    Through the creation of werewolves, humans exhibit their attitudes and feelings regarding wolves and the function they serve in society. The werewolf is a composite creature notorious for its ability to transform from a human to wolf and featuring both human and animal characteristics.The portrayal of the werewolf in the European-American culture symbolizes the need for a clear division between humankind and the animal kingdom by using werewolves to represent the vicious and primitive side of…

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  • Differences And Similarities Between Vampires And Werewolves

    There are many interesting differences and similarities between vampires and werewolves. The main conflict between both werewolves and vampires arises from believable fact they’re not real, but fictional. First of all, vampires are shape shifting beings, also cold blooded killers with no feeling or sympathy; also as well as remoras for their actions. Vampires come in different forms to rich to poor, with powerful fangs to directly pierce human pray. They are not human, but an undead…

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  • Are Werewolves A Way Better Vampires?

    There are many examples to prove that Werewolves are way better vampires. For example, did you know that once a werewolf reaches maturity, their aging stops and they enter a state of virtual immortality in which they are free from physical old age and have an infinite lifespan? To prove how I know that werewolves are way better than vampires is because, werewolves travel in packs, while vampires travel alone. They say that if you mess with a wolf, you'll get the pack. This means that if a…

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  • Difference Between Vampires And Werewolves

    most famous are Vampires and Werewolves. In the stories told of them they are almost always natural enemies. Fighting to the death over who knows what. Money? Power? Kristen Stewart? They’re alike in a lot of ways, but also different. Werewolves were thought to have originated in Europe, but a lot of the original stories came from Native Americans. The origination of vampirism did however originate from Europe. People use to think that individuals were vampires because of the body’s…

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