Essay On Werewolves

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Werewolves’ come in different categories, Alpha, Beta and Omega. Many of these particular icons are seen in films, movies and television. People seem to desire having supernatural creatures playing on their flat screens. Every werewolf, whether male or female both have some type of authority over another Werewolf. Werewolves’ are looked upon as, aggressive, but caring. Society worship the dominant pack to create a sense of pride and leadership. There are plenty reasons to have Werewolves in one’s favorite movies or television shows. Superhuman strength, heightened senses and rapid ability to heal are the reasons why werewolves are so popular.
Superhuman strength is one of the main factors of being a werewolf. In wolf mythology, there are 3
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It enhances the reason of werewolves being popular, by making their senses appealing to human sight. Their extraordinary auditory ability inspires the audience to acknowledge the supernatural creature. An average human can only hear a few feet away from another person, while a werewolf can hear three times that. A werewolves’ unique sense of smell allows them to catch a scent, withhold it and track it from miles away. Addition to their senses, sight is one of my most exclusive. A werewolf is half human and half wolf, their eyesight can be used together. When a werewolf is in complete darkness, their eye color will change based on the type of werewolf they are. For example, an alpha werewolf is lurking in the deepest of the darkest woods he or she eyes will glow a blazing red. Their eye color can change while still being in human form. Along with their marvelous hearing, sharp smelling and keen eyesight, their taste buds are phenomenal. A werewolf’s tongue consists of many different glands and sensors in the mouth. If one tastes blood, they will not be able to identify who it came from, but a werewolf not can only identify who it came from, but the blood type, blood pressure and blood glucose levels. The last heightened sense is touch. Only with a single touch a werewolf can heal a person only if they are in pain. The appealing image of the werewolves is important to the people while watching on television or in a

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