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  • Political And Ethnic Conflict In Nepal Essay

    The main purpose of this qualitative descriptive study is to carry out analysis of major causes of youth labor migration after political revolution in Nepal, and its relationship with political and ethnic conflict in recent years. This study proposes to conduct a six-month long qualitative research in Southern-Central districts (Parsa, Bara, Rautahat, and Sarlahi) of Nepal on the subject of youth migration and ethnic conflict, and how ethnic conflict plays role in this issue. Often time, policy…

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  • How Is Cultural Diversity Compatible With Social Unity

    Is Cultural Diversity Proving to be Compatible with Social Unity? In this essay, I will be using multiple case studies of countries, as well as areas in the UK, to explain why I believe the British government should embrace and encourage cultural diversity, as I believe cultural diversity is proving to be compatible with social unity and that the presence of systems encouraging cultural diversity is not the reason for a general lack of social unity, which can be attributed to other reasons,…

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  • Ostracism In The Classroom

    made me reconsider one of the assertions that I made following the process of coding and analysis. My assertion was generally similar to the one proposed by the professor, both of them fall under the same category of human emotions identified in this case, but hers was more accurate in terms of naming the exact description. I arrived to this conclusion based on surfing and reading some of the relevant literature in social psychology. The interviewee was responding to a question about how he…

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  • Open Source Software Projects: A Balance Of Trust And Control

    Open Source Software Projects: A Balance of Trust and Control According to Jones et al. (2005), trust is the single most important driver for the success of virtual teams. However, as a result of Michael Gallivan’s (2001) case study on open source software projects, he now believes that there is another variable to this movement that can be found in control. He presents the McDonaldization theory by identifying four aspects of modern organizations: efficiency, calculability, predictability and…

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  • Albert Bandura's Self-Efficacy Theory

    The goal of a case-study method is to complete a “generalization” and not a “particularizing” analysis (Lipset et al., Trow, & Coleman, 1956, pp. 419-420) (as cited in Yin, 2104). At present, Yin (2014) agreed that case studies are generalizable to theoretical propositions and not to populations or universes. He pointed out that a good case-study design establishes the logic that links the data to the initial question(s) of…

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  • Research Summary: How Built Environment Affects Travel Behavior

    a lower residential density will lead to a higher VMT. In the same way, employment density is negatively related to VMT in Seattle, WA and Baltimore, MD study areas. The level of mixed land use is negatively related to VMT in all, but the Virginia case. Average block size is positively related to VMT in all the study areas. Likewise, the distance from the CBD is positively related to VMT, except the Virginia…

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  • Stare Decisis: Legal Rule

    This strategy dictates that the court must abide or adhere to decided cases. Stare decisis is a legal rule which dictates that courts cannot disrespect the standard. The court must endorse prior decisions. In essence, this legal principle dictates that once a law has been determined by the appellate court (which hears and determines appeals from the decisions of the trial courts) to be relevant to the facts of the case, future cases will follow the same principle of law if they involve…

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  • Locus Standi Essay

    English Administrative Law. The recommendation by the Law Commission was adopted in Order 53 r.3 (7) and this has now been incorporated in Section 31(3) of the Senior Courts Act 1981 . The first main application of Locus Standi was developed in the case IRC . It concerned the employment of casual newspaper workers, where the workers often adopted false names and therefore paid no income tax. The Revenue Commissioners made a deal with the relevant trade unions, workers and employers to the…

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  • Nosocomial Infections Study Guide

    Prevention of Nosocomial Infections Class Description: The course will provide the students with a solid foundation in understanding the concepts of prevention of the nosocomial infections; including the risk factors and methods of prevention and will be able to employ the knowledge in the clinical setting. Student Outcomes: Upon completion of the class the students will be able to: • Describe nosocomial infections, including its etiology, risk factors, methods of prevention, and the…

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  • Essay On Judicial Precedent

    England and Wales through the doctrine of legal precedent. Judicial precedent is regarded as the most important source of law that offers predictability, uniformity, equality, certainty and convenience. Judicial precedent though has negative attributes. Case law is notoriously slow to change through rigidity and only repealed through an appellate court or legislation. Legal precedent is known by the Latin ‘Stare decisis et non quieta movere’ or to stand by decisions and not to disturb settled…

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