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  • Locus Standi Essay

    English Administrative Law. The recommendation by the Law Commission was adopted in Order 53 r.3 (7) and this has now been incorporated in Section 31(3) of the Senior Courts Act 1981 . The first main application of Locus Standi was developed in the case IRC . It concerned the employment of casual newspaper workers, where the workers often adopted false names and therefore paid no income tax. The Revenue Commissioners made a deal with the relevant trade unions, workers and employers to the…

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  • Essay On Judicial Precedent

    England and Wales through the doctrine of legal precedent. Judicial precedent is regarded as the most important source of law that offers predictability, uniformity, equality, certainty and convenience. Judicial precedent though has negative attributes. Case law is notoriously slow to change through rigidity and only repealed through an appellate court or legislation. Legal precedent is known by the Latin ‘Stare decisis et non quieta movere’ or to stand by decisions and not to disturb settled…

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  • Tracy's Depression Theory

    This case study concerns Tracy, a 25-year-old female indicated (by background information provided) to have come from a background of incompetent biological parents, foster homes, and a clear lack of stable, trusting relationships. It is also mentioned that Tracy has been referred for psychological help by concerned friends after suffering from an emotional breakdown coinciding with and possibly due to her sudden and unexpected breakup with her boyfriend Isaac. Immediately evident in this case…

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  • Qualitative Studies

    For example, in this study, the case is a continuous process of student teaching by using Visual Phonics. I want to know which Visual Phonics strategies teachers are using, why teachers choose specific strategies, and what they are thinking about selected strategies. Increased understanding…

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  • Comparative Analysis

    information on the Americas and European is numerous. There is evidence the authors wrote the textbook in a Eurocentric tone. Honestly, the authors were very far from avoiding Eurocentrism and there are ways to avoid the ironic misfortune. Firstly, the case studies are imbalanced amongst the eleven countries. Secondly, Eurocentric based countries have additional material. The next issue is the textbook covers superfluous mainstream countries, which makes the context missing other cultures.…

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  • Daddy Dearest: A Women Who Seemed To Suffer From Depression And Anger Issues

    The case study Daddy Dearest was about a women who seemed to suffer from depression and anger issues. However, throughout the therapy themes such as loneliness and issues with her father came up often. As I was reading the case study, the clinician seemed to work well and interpret what Theresa was stating to him; however, on one occasion, the therapist stated that he had overreached when interpreting a statement Theresa had made. I realized the negative effects a statement can make to the…

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  • Justification Of Threshold Concepts

    ensure that students gain the required level of understanding in the subject. In the lesson plan, the teacher has set aside time for direct instruction, and also uses structured activities such as the case study groups, in addition to constructivist learning experiences such as the problem-based case study. R stands for how to encourage student reflection on previous lessons…

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  • Personal Reflection On Student Placement

    Introduction Participating in university placement at Lizard Island was both a challenging and rewarding experience. I initially hoped to gain new skills and assist clients in clinical complex cases. But during the four-week placement program I gained an extraordinary amount of experience in understanding and participating in team work processes during an emotionally raw time. Throughout my university education reflective practice has been emphasised as a highly effective tool and an integral…

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  • Ratio Decidendi Essay

    decision by a superior court should be binding on inferior courts, hence, the ratio of past cases are legally binding on subsequent cases. This concept is called precedent and it is designed to give effect to the fact that the English law to some large extent is based on case law, and that case laws are not mere materials which a judge takes into consideration when making a decision on a particular case. Binding precedents are obtained from the legal reasoning for the decision of the court,…

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  • The Importance Of Equity In Common Law

    damages would be a sufficient remedy (Law & Martin (ed.) 2013, p. 283). Injunctions are often needed urgently. A temporary injunction (an interim injunction) may therefore be granted at a special hearing pending the outcome of the main hearing of the case. If it is granted, the claimant must undertake to compensate the defendant for any damage he has suffered by the grant of the injunction if the defendant is successful in the main action. If judgment is given for the claimant in the main…

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