Case Study: Melisa Redmond Of Pioneer State Mutual Insurance Company

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Melisa Redmond of Pioneer State Mutual Insurance Company referred this file for medical case management. Instructions were given to meet with Whitney Kononchuk and assist with coordination of appropriate and related medical care, and identify needs to facilitate recovery.


On 9/20/16 I met Ms. Kononchuk and her mother at Royal Oak Beaumont hospital. Ms. Kononchuk was in a hospital bed. Ms. Konochuk was alert and oriented. I provided her mother my consent to read and she allowed Ms. Kononchuk to sign it. Ms. Kononchuk was pleasant and cooperative.


Ms. Konochuk said on 9/17/16 she was on her way to work at Tropical Smoothie. It was raining and the road surface was very wet. She reports that she doesn’t recall
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Kevin Grant Orthopedic Surgeon
Address: 30575 Woodward Ave, Royal Oak, MI Phone: 248-280-8550
Last office visit: surgery on 9/19/16
Next office visit: to be determined


Ms. Konochuk reported taking the following medications before the injury: none

Ms. Konochuk is still in the hospital so a complete medications list will be determined.

Ms. Konochuk reported no allergies to medications.


A full determination will be made but a tentative list is:
Hospital bed with trapezes, ramp, bedside commode, shower bench, hand held shower, transportation, and slide board.


Ms. Konochuk is dependent, needs total assistance with personal care and household services.


Ms. Konochuk and her mother said her health is good. She has no prior surgical conditions.

Ms. Konochuk denied smoking, alcohol use or drug use.


Ms. Konochuk graduated from Goodrich High School 2016. She just began her first semester at Mott College.

EMPLOYMENT HISTORY (most recent 1st)

1. Place of Employment: Tropical Smoothie
• Job Title: clerk
• Start date: 2015 Stop date:
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Konochuk would like to heal, go back to college and work.


I explained my role as medical case manager and Ms. Konochuk verbalized understanding. She read and willingly signed the Authorization for Release of Medical Information form.


Denied any legal representation.


Ms. Konochuk is young and in good reported health. She has multiple injuries to recover from and will be non weight bearing for at least 3 months. The Official Disability Guidelines for a rib fracture is 28-46 days; pelvic fracture 99 to 204 days, concussion is 18 to 31 days, whiplash 25 to 41 days, hand lacerations 15 to 92 days. Treatment to date has been appropriate.


1. Contact Ms. Kononchuk and her mother weekly for update on her medical status.
2. Contact Beaumont hospital CM weekly for update on treatment and transfer plans.
3. Attend appointments with Ms. Konochuk once they have been made.
4. Assist in facilitation of physician

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