Mutual Insurance Case Study

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Jennifer McNab of Pioneer State Mutual Insurance Company referred this file for medical case management. Instructions were given to meet with Susan Iversen and assist with coordination of appropriate and related medical care, and identify needs to facilitate recovery.


On 10/24/16 I met Ms. Iversen at her home. She is alert and oriented. Ms. Iversen was willing to work with a nurse case manager and provide history and current medical information.


Ms. Iversen was a restrained driver when a car pulled out in front of her. She was taken to the Providence emergency room by an ambulance. She reported that initially she had bilateral arm and hand pain. That has improved. She was diagnosed with a right trimalleolar fracture. She had a surgical repair to the ankle on 9/28/16. She was
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N. Rothenburg (family physician)
Address: 26850 Providence PKWY Ste 370, Novi MI48374

Phone: 248-465-4160
Last office visit: 10/14/16
Next office visit: pending

Name: Dr. Nwosu Orthopedic Surgeron
Address: 26750 Providence PKWY Ste 200, Novi MI 48374 Phone: 810-225-4724
Last office visit: 10/14/16
Next office visit: 11/7/16


Ms. Iversen reported taking Venafaxin for hormones before the accident.

Ms. Iversen said she took Norco but it caused constipation. She is taking Motrin until she can speak with the doctor.

Ms. Iversen denied any medication allergies.


Ms. Iversen has a walker and a bedside commode.


Ms. Iversen is dependent on some dressing, bathing, hair washing, meal preparation, house cleaning. She is non weight bearing to the right leg.


Ms. Iversen said she has ha history of cervical pain. She has a congenital fusion of the cervical spine.

Ms. Iversen denied any smoking, alcohol use or drug use.


Ms. Iversen graduated from high in 1978. She is studying to be a certified nurse

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