The Rock Insurance Company Case Study

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1. Describe how using customer-centric practices and social media can help this company expand their customer base and improve the customer experience.
Being customer centric is so important for this agency. There is a long list of why being a customer friendly company is essential for success in any industry. Some facts prove this from an article I found “89% of customers will pay 25% more for a better customer experience. 73% of consumers fall in love with a brand because of friendly employees or customer service reps. 89% of consumers do business with a competitor after a poor customer experience” ( Based off of this information it just shows how important making your company core customer-centric when dealing with customer
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This is huge if you want to make a power house company, with the Rock not performing as well as they would like a Logical CRM system or known as a SAP CRM system could do the trick. With a system like this it makes organizing and distributing all your data way easier. It is a data base that keeps everything together and helps take stress off you. With a system like this you could be on top of everything that is going on with your customer base and social media all at the same time. This could also improve your time management and allow you to have more employees allocated to serving customers so that communication and the experience your customers have will be a lot higher quality. If you intergrade a SAP system you will be able to be a more profitable smoother running …show more content…
It would affect you because they were selling your information. So this risks your privacy in a lot of ways. I would not want people selling my information. I feel something like this could cause a law suit if people are not informed about what is going on. This is the scenario I’m going over “A grocery store has offered you a free loyalty card that will save you money on your purchases. In exchange, the store will keep track of your shopping habits and sell this data to third parties” ( I just feel like this store would get into some problems by doing this unless it was clear you were signing up and you knew the terms of the loyalty card. When comes to technology I feel it’s bad because all your stuff is out there so you’re going to have to make new emails and really watch your stuff and make sure you do not get scammed or hacked on social media or on other online accounts affiliated with the email you gave

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