The Importance Of Customer Surveillance

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The Customer Surveillance is Useful
Nowadays, the purchase is essential to humans because of humans ‘need in daily lives. They shop as a habit in their free time or need to buy foods, drinks, vegetable, rice, and household items. When they purchase many times, they need the preference such as free gifts, coupons, and products discount. Then, to understand customers’ behavior is very important to retailers, so the customer surveillance is applied for a lot of stores popularly. Customer surveillance extends to many ways which are separate cameras, loyalty cards, Internet shopping behaviors, and infrared heat maps. These are good ideas to take care of their customers. The retailers
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A few people suppose that the customer surveillance is redundant because they don’t need to receive the coupons, free gifts, and product discount. These people think they have enough money to buy items which they like without receiving any assistance from others. In fact, humans can receive the preference or not. In addition, they can receive the preference and give it to others who need it. Besides that, the customer surveillance helps people to get their products easily. The stores have a lot of products with the various brand names, types, flavor and provenance such as candy, soda drinks, beer, spices, and cookies. So that, the customer surveillance helps the retailers know the best-seller products. Then, the retailer arranges products on the shelves logically which support the customer find easily. In addition, every human has a different height and weight, which depends on their gender, age, nutrition, and genetic. Therefore, it is complex when the customers want to get their products, but it is too high to take the items. Moreover, older people are not often strong, so they can stand up, sit down and walk around too many times to take their needs. Certainly, they can ask for a help, but it bothers others if they hurry or in urgent situations. Furthermore, if nobody is around them, they have to take it by themselves. It really makes them uncomfortable. Thus, when the retailer 's layout …show more content…
Some humans think the customer surveillance is unethical because they feel they have behaved like “lab rat”. Truly, people are protected by humans’ right. It is illegal if someone experiments without their agreement or government ' acceptance. So that, the retailers are not allowed to see their customers like “lab rat”. The retailers can be sued or criminated if they do it. Besides that, the customers can refuse when they are monitored. Moreover, they can go to other stores and never come back if they detect, they are supervised by retailers. On the hand, when the retailers monitor their clients, they can improve or change their marketing strategies which create more attraction. For example, when the retailers follow the cameras or infrared heat maps, they can see the areas which crow. They can request an employer to go this area to help customers. The staff gives a hand to let the client try the samples and know about products such as uses, ingredients, and function. It is direct marketing which helps the customers understand clearly to buy the products. On the other hand, the loyalty program is also a marketing strategy to attract the customers. According to Cameron Graham (2014), “We surveyed 3,162 loyalty program users across the US. Each of the six questions was answered by at least 387 people. Respondents reported being over 80 percent more likely to shop at stores that offered some type of loyalty

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