Cmgt 445 Managerial Issues

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Managerial Issues

Managing Information Systems When looking at information systems you are looking at what is really the backbone of the infrastructure and provide communication throughout the organization. Obviously with this kind of impact on the structure of the business managers face some very serious issues that must be addressed to adequately maintain the system. In the age of technology where we are at currently and its quickly getting worse hardware and software become obsolete rather quickly and so companies have too quickly adjust. Another issue faced by managers is data storage and availability which often go hand and hand but one can be more prevalent than the others. The need for expanding data storage and processing capacity brings management concerns about space, facility requirements, and energy consumption.
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As the systems get smarter and automation added there will always be a good reason to ensure you have proper technicians to maintain them. Taking steps with adaptive maintenance you make sure to make proper changes to software when they are needed or when modules and parts of the program are irrelevant. This type of very fast maintenance that can change based off the changes or flows required of the business is critical in today’s fast moving environment. Employees may struggle adapting to new technology but it is critical to ensure that proper technical training is maintained for everyone. This often may mean looking outside of the box and focusing on end user skills and non-technical skills for the employee. If you can maintain proper communication with the end users you will be able to gather valuable data about your system and be able to add features that the users want added while maintaining a proper value to the end

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