Advantages And Disadvantages Of Perfective Maintenance

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• Cost valuable in many capital processes.
• Allows the maintenance adjustment.
• Increased component life cycle.
• Reduced equipment or process failure.
• Estimated 12% to 18% cost savings other than immediate maintenance program.
• Increased cost due to unexpected downtime of equipment.
• Increased labor cost, particularly if overtime is needed.
• Cost involved with replacement or repair of equipment.
• Incompetent use of staff resources.

9.3.3 Perfective Maintenance Perfective maintenance refers to make changes in an information system to improve the processing performance or to add new features. It involves changing an operational system to make it more effective, efficient and reliable. In general, it comes from users when they submit a request then the support team will start a perfective maintenance. When users
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• Savings prospective not seen by management.

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1. Maintenance is a changes made to an information system to fix or enhance its functionality.
2. Corrective maintenance refers to made changes to repairs the defects in the design, coding or implementation of the system after the system installation.
3. Corrective maintenance modifies the system to environmental changes.
4. Adaptive maintenance refers to changes made to change it’s the system functionality based on new business needs.
5. Preventive maintenance is not necessary needed in an information system.

9.4 Conducting and Managing Maintenance As maintenance activities increase the system development budget, maintenance management becomes even more important. System maintenance needs quality assurance, effective management and cost control. So, the organizations use various strategies. When estimating the budget for the system development, expenditures are not only for the system development, but also for system maintenance.

9.4.1 Cost of

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