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  • Cancer Messaging: A Case Study

    cancer outcome prediction models and nomograms” (Edge & Compton, 2010). Staging of cancer materializes in distinct stages. The first stage is stage 0 where there is the existence of abnormal cells which have not spread. It is also referred to as a carcinoma or in situ. At this phase, it is not cancer. Stage 1 is localized cancer, and if it spreads, it develops into stage 2. Here, the cancerous…

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  • Structural Biology Reflection

    I found that hS100A7 and its analogs are highly up-regulated in psoriatic keratinocytes, and there is evidence of hS100A7 being up-regulated in some invasive carcinomas but further studies are needed before a definite conclusion can be made. I conducted the purification of the protein under the guidance of Dr. Raquel Ruiz and involved expression tests at different concentrations of the inducing agent IPTG, large-scale…

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  • Robert Agnew Strain Theory

    I could relate several instances in mine or a loved one’s life to the handout Strain Theory by Robert Agnew. This reading brought several different events I have experienced or have watched a loved one go through. These things are not criminal in nature, well the first one would be, but they could be considered as deviant by some. I will relate my memories for each Strain that is mentioned in the reading. Objective Strains made me reminder an incident in high school when I and a female friend…

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  • Informative Essay: The Disrespected Lung Cancer

    The Disrespected Lung Cancer Every person knows that if they are diagnosed with cancer it is a life threatening disease. Lung cancer happens to be the highest in deaths compared to every other type of cancer (A Revolution B-48). Wouldn't you think humans would put forth the most effort in biopsies, treatment methods, and research for this cancer? Yet surprisingly, it is not the top funded in any of these categories. Lung cancer biopsy, treatment, and research should be the first priority in…

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  • Elastography Essay

    The soft consistency of the breast is made of fatty tissues that surround the breast glands. (1) Different breast lesions are present, fibroadenoma is considered the commonest benign tumor while the invasive ductal carcinoma is the commonest malignant tumor. (1) Breast cancer is the leading cause of death among women in developed countries and its incidence is increasing and so the aim of breast cancer control is early detection for better management and prognosis .(1)…

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  • Rab Prenylation Essay

    1.5 Drugs targeting the Rab prenylation pathway 1.5.1 Prenylation pathway Prenylation of Rab proteins is the essential lipid modification step that begins the membrane trafficking cycle. It is a crucial post-translational modification that allows the stable attachment of Rab proteins to the membrane by increasing hydrophobicity to be able to insert into the lipid bilayer (Maltese, Wilson and Erdman, 1996). As depicted in Figure 7, the Rab cycle starts with a Rab protein that is GDP bound, in…

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  • Argumentative Essay Against Euthanasia

    Introduction Euthanasia can be defined as the assisted suicide of a person who suffers from a terminal illness. This act is seen as immoral and is unlawful in South Africa. Various kinds of euthanasia exist and many laws regulating euthanasia are different throughout the world as it is legal in some countries around the world such as in the Netherlands were doctors are allowed to terminate a terminally ill patients life by the own will of the patient . Many churches are against euthanasia in…

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  • Cancer Immunotherapy Research Paper

    Cancer Immunotherapy: using immune based therapies to enhance the immune system to fight cancer cells. Introduction Cancer immunotherapy involves using components of the immune system to fight cancer cells. The immune system is very effective in getting rid of pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. The concept of unleashing the body’s ability to defend itself against cancer cells has long been a scientific discussion (Nathanson L. 1976). Over the last 10 years, scientists have synthesized drugs…

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  • CD4 + T Cells

    CD4+ T lymphocytes, or cells, are white blood cells that are involved in immune protection. These cells assist B cells in creating antibodies, allow macrophages to establish heightened antimicrobial activity, recruit neutrophils, eosinophils, and basophils towards inflammation and infection. CD4+ T cells also produce a group of cytokines, which respectively, trigger an abundance of immune responses. T cell differentiation Originally, Mosmann et al., 1986 reported that CD4 T cells can be…

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  • Pancreatic Cancer Research Paper

    Understanding Pancreatic Cancer There is still so much that scientists don 't know about such intricate diseases such as cancer, but as technology improves, diseases that were previously thought of as incurable are now being researched, broken down, and with that treatments are being developed. The prevalence of various cancers is exponentially increasing, and pancreatic cancer is no exception. By the end of this research paper, the researcher will have discussed the known pathophysiology,…

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