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  • Advantages Of Vernacular Architecture

    There are some major lessons that can be drawn from vernacular responses for contemporary societal challenges. Vernacular architecture is a style of building that is created without the use of an architect; it is architecture in its simplest form, concentrating only on the human necessity. Vernacular architecture began when people had to make use of the environment around them, in order to afford themselves protection and comfort as a response to a changing climate. It is a simple approach to a…

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  • Informative Essay: Roof Leakage In High Schools

    1437, all other buildings experiences roof leakage during rainfall. Buildings 1402 and 1408 are more egregious than others. In addition, with 1408 housing the main office, IC and Server localities, and leakage is problematic as it can lead to excessive loss of learning materials, i.e. computers and servers. More so, leakage within the main offices presents a disheartening picture to our community, parents and other visitors. AEC is currently performing extensive roof fix to building 1408. Work…

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  • Brutalism Architecture In The 20th Century

    As a result, Brutalism Architecture became a favourable method amongst architects during the mid 20th Century. However, as Brutalism architecture grew, the importance of connection between building and its surrounding context were also taken into consideration between few architects. They believed buildings should serve the need of its inhabitant and act as a medium between nature and society. Allison and Peter Smithsons were one of the key characters that took this new ideology and implemented…

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  • Architecture And Environment Essay

    warm harder than wood or some other material. This provides them to have less warm homes. Another example is from Japan; in Japan, they have 1000 earthquakes per year. These natural disasters pushed the government to make few strict laws about engineering and architecture. According to a scientific view, as reported in Milliyet Newspaper, Japanese architects design flexible tall buildings. This avoids the building to collapse or break. And also for short buildings they invented a system. This…

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  • Metal Roof Research Paper

    Durable Your asphalt shingles may have failed prematurely, with the material only lasting between 15-25 years. A replacement metal roof will be much more durable, lasting anywhere between 20-60 years. Metal actually performs better than wood shingles, roll roofing, and built-up roofs. If you want a material stronger than metal, you’ll need to turn to an expensive alternative like slate.…

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  • Qantas House History

    iconic building of Post-War International Style in Sydney. This masterpiece was designed in 1950, and completed in 1957, by an architect called Felix Tavener of Rudder Littlemore & Rudder, Architects. According to NSW Environment & Heritage, Qantas House is a representative building of the latest technology and urbanised design in Sydney which also showed the ‘moderate’ transitional aspects of 1930s European modernism. It is also a main defining urban space of Chifley Square2. This building is…

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  • Vanna Venturi House Essay

    the united states city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Several residences are built by celebrated architects nearby Vanna Venturi House. The building is surrounded by crabapple trees, which creates a peaceful and graceful environment. The house was colored to pale green to blend in the wonderful surroundings. There is a widely main street in front of the building, which can directly lead to the square of the little town. Vanna Venturi house is full of complexity and contradiction. This feather…

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  • Taha Fabricators Case Study

    We have a knowledgeable team who work in coordination with each other to enable uninterrupted business and production procedures. Our quality inspectors ensure that each and every stage of production from raw material to final dispatch is stringently tested on well defined parameters. Further, we are able to offer customization options as per the client’s requirement with the help of our designing department. We believe that success is not a peak, in fact; it’s…

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  • What Is The Environmental Impact Of On Site Construction

    environmental impact of on-site construction. This research presents a creative, sustainable construction approach through an assembly system for eco-friendly materials. Wood is a natural material that is vastly available and easily reproduced in temperate climate zones. Wooden structures offer the opportunity to provide sustainable building through their eco-friendly features and life cycle recycling. Wood has a very positive carbon footprint, and heavy timber structures postpone releasing…

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  • Farnsworth House Architecture

    Space is arguably one of the most important and powerful elements of architecture. Before architecture was the building and making of buildings, now in more recent times architecture is also considered the study and interpretation of space. In terms of architecture space is not empty. It has the potential to become a place where people interact and go about their daily lives. Space utilizes many modifying elements for an architectural reason to enhance the experience of occupying a certain space…

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