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  • Taha Fabricators Case Study

    We have a knowledgeable team who work in coordination with each other to enable uninterrupted business and production procedures. Our quality inspectors ensure that each and every stage of production from raw material to final dispatch is stringently tested on well defined parameters. Further, we are able to offer customization options as per the client’s requirement with the help of our designing department. We believe that success is not a peak, in fact; it’s…

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  • Constructing The Latham Report

    Introduction Off-site construction is part of modern methods of construction (MMC) and relates to construction activities that are carried out in a high quality controlled factory environment away from the site. Subsequently, the building components fabricated in the factory, are transported to the site location in order to be assembled on-site. This leads to a greater degree of finish than in traditional piecemeal on-site construction due to elimination of on-site work and rapid site assembly.…

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  • Case Study: A Letter To Mr. Lensherr

    corporate CEO and maximize a return on investment towards a new structure. In addition to creating an innovative structure, our design directors believe that our projects should be both aesthetically and elegantly pleasing to all residing within the building. As a design director, they are responsible for the concept design and project development. Secondly, our studio directors implement and oversee the construction and promote efficient staff utilization. They are also responsible for…

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  • Construction Week Model

    innovations, debate the industry’s biggest issues and do business together. The most comprehensive industry trade event, it features nine shows under one roof: Build Show, Timber Expo, Civils Expo, the Surface and Materials Show, Energy 2016, Plant & Machinery Live, HVAC 2016 and Smart Buildings…

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  • Farnsworth House Architecture

    Space is arguably one of the most important and powerful elements of architecture. Before architecture was the building and making of buildings, now in more recent times architecture is also considered the study and interpretation of space. In terms of architecture space is not empty. It has the potential to become a place where people interact and go about their daily lives. Space utilizes many modifying elements for an architectural reason to enhance the experience of occupying a certain space…

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  • Influence And Impacts Of Ancient Greek Architecture

    the structure of the roofing that was usually covered with tile. In domestic architecture, dwellings, shops, and other buildings, construction was much simpler. The use of the different elements of architecture in these ancient civilizations has improved greatly over time. Some tactics were more difficult than others. Architecture is the art of designing and creating buildings. Greek architecture is a very specific and influential type of design, which was based off of the post-and-lintel…

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  • Ethical Issues In Construction Management

    construction manager. This job also includes working with engineers of all sorts, but working with architects is the major component in building structures. CM is essential to the world because without it, there would be no results. But without the architect, there would be no plans to build from. Construction managers and architects share a common goal of constructing a building, and in order to do that successfully, it…

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  • Vernacular Architecture Case Study

    fundamental materials of built form: wood and stone. In Himachal, woods and stones forms an independent, socially connected and highly artistic expression of folk culture in form of vernacular houses, granaries and temples. 1.1 BACKGROUNG OF THE STUDY Vernacular architecture is merely dictated by the…

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  • Cold Formed Steel Section Analysis

    Abstract Cold-formed steel section (CFSS) is a civil engineering material that still and always in ongoing research for utilising in building or construction works. The advantage of the CFSS is becoming so interesting in selecting it as a roof truss system and purlins. For having the roof truss system with stable and safe condition, the study of the truss member is carried out by using the cut-curving channel section. Before the cold-formed steel section has been curved, the process of curving…

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  • Caterpillar: Remanufacturing A Win-Win Situation

    remanufactured products cheaper, companies reduce their costs and they earn more and the environment benefits.” That said, remanufacturing can support all the three basic pillars of Sustainable Development (Environmental, Economic, Social). Saves material and energy resources while reduces wastes and emissions (Environmental), generates wealth and cutting costs (Economic), remanufactured products are cheaper for costumers, while new occupations and scientific fields are created (Social).…

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