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  • Summary Of Andres Construction Services

    has been able to successfully schedule projects during his time in the construction industry. Mr. Whittle began by giving the class an overview of Andres Construction Services, and explained to us that Andres primarily specializes in multi-family buildings (condos and…

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  • Outline: The Language Of Art And Architecture

    based on the formal elements and how those elements are presented. II. The main elements of art are line, light and value, color, texture and pattern, shape, volume, along with much more. III. Architecture also has a structural side, which is how buildings are constructed. B. FORMAL ELEMENTS I. The formal elements are the basics of what makes up art and architecture. • Line: I. In art, a line can have any dimension but the most critical one is length. II. Actual lines are lines that you…

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  • Louis Kahn Non-Details Analysis

    as well as help one’s understanding of the building and help it gather meaning. Thus, the detail should be made consistent with the design concept. Non-detail is detailing at a small scale through assigning importance to parts, to reflect the larger idea into the smaller element.…

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  • Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Timber Houses

    cases, people are worried regarding the choice of building a timbered house.…

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  • The Importance Of Underground Space

    Apart from relating the underground buildings with technology, underground space could be designed into an interesting space to be appreciated. (People’s perception on underground space – relating to the real world, imaginative world is mentioned.) Underground space in the imaginative world…

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  • Nisarg Sahnivas Case Study

    Nisarg Sahnivas by Kotibhaskar Group Nisarg Sahnivas by Kotibhaskar is a residential development that is modern practical and affordable with thoughtful design and equipment. These residential flats in Sangli offer a well-rounded set of homes with all the modern amenities required for a contemporary living. The project Nisarg Sahnivas is a project by a prominently known construction company, Kotibhaskar Builders. It is located near the 100 Feet Road, Sangli. These apartments are located in such…

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  • Gloria Chair Analysis

    Bar, 2017 Straw and wood are natural materials that reinforce the Brazilianness in the piece besides being a timeless desire. The bar has a brach-shaped structure, signature of the designer, working as a pictorial language that refers to sustainability and nature, factors that contribute to the construction and maintenance of the values of Paulo Alves' pieces. Gloria chair, 2009 The design of the Gloria chair comes from the premises of minimalism, clean and abstract features, free from any…

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  • Beach House Research Paper

    sturdy woods to withstand sandy feet and salty air. Coastal life is comfortable, relaxed and unfussy, and interiors in this style reflect that mood. Although laidback, great care is taken to procure a casual chic feel with simple, natural, durable materials. This style exudes a vibrant, organic feel that can be both soothing and active. The beach house design is one of the easiest styles to translate in any home thanks to the many different themes based on personal tastes and location.…

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  • My Professional Work Experience Essay

    and introduced abstract art. This interest guided me to researching online and realizing Cubism spread beyond art to influence design and architectural styles. Consequently, I began to take notice of the small details of the forms and shapes of buildings I used to obliviously pass every day on the street and at this point, I knew I found my passion and therefore, I decided to explore architecture in depth at university.…

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  • Ornamentation In Architecture

    thoughts with the contemporary meaning of ornamentation, which is the meaning of ornamentation today, and at the end, I am going to share my own thoughts about ornaments. Ornamentation, which is the state of decorating an object, a room, or a building, is one of the visual elements in architecture and design. People started ornamenting their caves, homes, and objects even before history was recorded. For that, no one knows when and where did people start ornamenting, and how did the idea of…

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