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  • The Importance Of Breast Cancer Education

    Breast Cancer: Education is Vital Every nineteen seconds a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer in the world, yet controversy still surrounds the issue of breast cancer education and recommendations for screenings ( Four top organizations have introduced different recommendations on breast cancer screening, although proposed treatment plans are similar, the issue still persists. Educating women of all ages, ethnic and social backgrounds is significant because there are many…

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  • The Importance Of Cosmetic Surgery

    Good afternoon everyone. The word beauty can have so many different meanings to different people. Nowadays, many people choose to improve their appearance by cosmetic surgery. According to Oxford dictionary, cosmetic surgery is a treatment that is unnecessary from a medical perspective but is carry out to restore or improve a person’s appearance. A district in Korea, called Gangnam, is a place full with plastic surgery clinics. According to International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons…

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  • Decriminalization Of Beauty Pageants

    Originated in 1951, the Miss World competition had once attracted up to 3 billion viewers in 115 countries. Despite the widespread popularity of beauty contests, extensive controversies about their impacts come along. Following the rising number cosmetic surgery accidents and slimming tragedies, researchers (Haas, C.F., Champion, A. & Secor, D., 2008) have pointed to the mass media as the root of "overly-idealistic standards of beauty". Critics have questioned the purpose of such an event and…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Breastfeeding Is Best

    Breast are Best Breastfeeding serves as a connection or bond between a mother and child. Mothers experience feelings of joy as they nurse their newborn. This is the case because of the far that hormones are released that cause a peaceful like sensation. (“Benefits”). Psychological benefits arise from breastfeeding as well. Children who are breastfed tend to cry less and have a better band with their mother versus children who were not breastfed (Sloan). Nursing children is affordable and…

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  • Evolution Of Breast Cancer Essay

    The Evolution of Breast Cancer Technology With the advancement of technology the detection of breast cancer in screenings has improved over the years, thus leading to a profuse amount of saved lives. The first sighting of breast cancer has no exact known date, but historians found evidence of breast cancer dated back to 1600 BC in Egyptian writings. (Mandal) With more knowledge about breast cancer, women and some men are able to conduct self-examinations and receive proper screenings in order to…

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  • Plastic Surgery Affecting Teenagers Essay

    How does plastic surgery currently affects teenagers? Plastic surgery is a branch of surgery concerned with the repair, restoration, or improvement of lost, injured, defective, or misshapen parts of the body chiefly by transfer of tissue (Merriam Webster). Teenagers in general when they start to consider plastic surgery they have different motives than adults. They perform this surgery to improve their physical appearance because they feel unsatisfied with themselves. So, teens undergo…

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  • Pathophysiology Of Breast Cancer Essay

    Breast cancer is the 2nd most common, occurring cancer in women. By exploring the pathophysiology of breast cancer, one will understand the causes and be able to educate women on how to reduce the risk associated with breast cancer. Concept, System, Anatomy, and Physiology Breast cancer falls under the concept of cellular regulation. The main body system that is affected by breast cancer is the reproductive system. Breast cancer is defined as the unregulated growth of abnormal cells in the…

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  • Hair Replacement Center Research Paper

    Before seeking the services of a hair replacement center, it is important to understand some basic information about hair loss and what can do about it. Hair Loss Background Approximately 95% of the estimated 60 million men and women in the United States who experience abnormal hair loss suffer from a hereditary condition called androgentic alopecia. This is the gradual loss of hair that usually begins somewhere between 30 to 40 years of age in men and is essentially a cosmetic disorder, which…

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  • Livestrong Mission Statement Analysis

    The Livestrong Foundation is an organization that was founded in 1997 by American cyclist Lance Armstrong and since that time has generated $580 million worth of funds, according to their website “”, to provide free services to help those affected by cancer. This includes people diagnosed with cancer, their families, friends, loved ones and the health care professionals who work with them. The Livestrong Foundation is an organization that is committed to helping people with any…

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  • Why Is Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

    Cosmetic surgery abroad How and why has cosmetic surgery become such an influencial issue in modern society? What is about it that attracts people so much, and what are the most popular destinations for them to go in order to get it? Firstly, it is important to understand what plastic and cosmetic surgery really are. There is a slight difference between the two, although many people consider them to be the same thing. Plastic surgery is a far more antique practice than cosmetic surgery. There…

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