Black Liberation Army

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  • The Challenges Of Alexander: The Great, The Great

    was something Alexander lusted for. Those who he failed to persuade to live under his rule he overpowered with his army, forcing his leadership upon them. When it came to combat Alexander excelled in strategizing and outsmarting his opponents. His tactics and reasoning are…

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  • The Things They Carried Bravery Character Analysis

    Characters in The Things They Carried all earn respect from their bravery throughout the Vietnam War, but bravery is not something easy to have. Soldiers took a lot of sacrifices to be able to be considered brave. Tim O’Brien proves that life as a soldier is extremely difficult. Characters in The Things They Carried endured harsh conditions and required a long effort to be attributed as “brave”. Curt Lemon, Ted Lavender, Norman Bowker, and Kiowa each had great patriotism to sacrifice their…

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  • All Quiet On The Western Front Film Analysis

    All Quiet on the Western Front, directed by Lewis Milestone, is a harrowing Anti-War movie depicting the horrors of World War I through the eyes of German schoolboys turned recruits. It stars popular actors from the time period, such as Louis Wolheim, Lew Ayres, and John Wray. It follows the life of a young soldier and his friends who voluntarily joined the war because of how gratifying and heroic their professor made it seem as he pressured them to fulfill their “patriotic duty”. They witnessed…

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  • Examples Of Accountability In The Army

    Marquaze Ward 07/30/14 FTR: Failure to Report Here in the Army, we have tools in place that keep us soldier’s discipline, responsible, and a well-trained machine. Some of those include customs and courtesies; Drills and ceremonies; team building skills and etc. Another important skill set is accountability; being where you need to be at all times and responsible for your action. Accountability is what keep the Army running smoothly; shows soldiers how to be account for their personal…

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  • The Importance Of War In Homer's The Iliad And The Things They Carried

    The destruction of man is one that has been written in stone since the day they inhabited the Earth. Whether this is through global warming or catastrophic event, who knows? The most likely candidate for the destruction of mankind is mankind itself. The warring and destructive powers of humans has been on display since prehistoric times with many tribes constantly finding ways to fight and kill one another for their own benefit. This long term warring shows that human beings have a natural…

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  • Caesar Essay: The Military Career Of Julius Caesar

    Throughout his military career, Julius Caesar exhibited extraordinary strategic prowess and generalship. It was due to his actions and decisions, both during battles and in the daily operation of his army, that he was so successful in all of his campaigns. His unique strategies, inspiring leadership, and the strict training regimen he gave his troops all played a role. The battles of the Roman Civil War were no exception and the battle of Pharsalus against rival general Pompey is an excellent…

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  • Analysis Of Inman Violent Man In Charles Frazier's Cold Mountain

    This essay is about whether Inman violent man or not. To answer this question, we have to look into many factors such as Inman’s experiences the Civil War and the decision he took to treat with different circumstances during his journey back home. Cold Mountain is a novel written by Charles Frazier. It took place during the American Civil War in 1861-1865. It was the war between northern states (the Union) and the southern states (the Confederates). The causes of this war were the differences…

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  • A Golden Age Sparknotes

    the back seat while Joy and Aref crowded in the front. They then entered into the university compound, their car sped past Curzon Hall, Rokeya Hall, Iqbal Hall.’ In front of the Teacher- Student Centre they saw a wave of people in white clothes and black armbands carrying banners, making fists and chanting in circular, overlapping beats. Maya cupped her hands against the window and shouted,’Joy Bangla! Joy Sheikh Mujib!’(Anam-…

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  • Characterization Of Women In The Things They Carried By Tim O Brien

    The Things They Carried is a novel written by Tim O’Brien that consists of multiple short stories that occurred around the time of the Vietnam War. The short stories within the book revolve around their struggles and hardships that Tim O’Brien’s platoon experienced during the war. In the book The Things They Carried, Tim O’Brien tells stories of Martha, Mary Anne, and Linda in order to show how women were used as coping devices for soldiers during the war. Their stories as a whole help develop…

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  • Army SHARP Scenarios

    The Army’s number one priority is Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP). Army senior leaders continue to emphasize the importance of the SHARP program. Army leaders demand their soldiers to internalize the intent of SHARP and those soldiers’ actions are conducive to the overall goal of the Army’s SHARP program. For this assignment, I chose to interview an Army Brigade Combat Team’s (BCT) Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC). The SARC is responsible for ensuring…

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